The biggest Domestic blockbuster of the 2022 Spring Festival, raking in 650 million yuan in the first day of its release

Watergate Bridge has topped the box office for the 2022 Spring Festival, easily raking in 650 million yuan on its opening day.”Watergate Bridge” alone sold 400 million yuan during the pre-sale period, making it the most popular film to be pre-sold during the 2022 Spring Festival, compared with other new films in the same period.On February 1, Watergate Bridge accounted for 27% of the screen screening, 44% of the box office, and 42% of the attendance, showing excellent box office performance.Changjin Lake was released on The National Day of 2021, and now it is followed by The Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake on the Spring Festival. It is very efficient.Changjin Lake was co-directed by Chen Kaige, Tsui Hark and Dante Lam, while Watergate Bridge was directed by Tsui Hark alone, but it still lived up to expectations and made a successful commercial film with careful production.Running 149 minutes and bursting with explosions from beginning to end, Watergate Bridge is arguably the most explosive Chinese film of 2022.Compared with “Chojin Lake”, “Chojin Lake Watergate Bridge” is less literary scenes, basically the whole fight, until the fight to the last moment, the sense of rhythm control in place, the whole movie, can be described as one.”Changjin Lake of Watergate Bridge” the story is connected with the end of the first part, about the three bombing watergate bridge incident, the first bombing watergate bridge by nine companies responsible for, and the second, the third bombing watergate bridge are mainly by seven companies responsible for, more than a heroic.The first bombing of the Watergate Bridge is only shown in flashbacks. The second bombing of the Watergate Bridge is the most important, and most of the plot is focused on this attack. The third bombing of the Watergate Bridge is the climax of the Nagin Lake Watergate Bridge, and the most dramatic.Both the second and the third bombing of the Watergate Bridge were wonderful. The war scenes were shocking and real, and they were enjoyable to watch, and they captured the brutality of war.Group drama is also shot well, the seven company each soldier in the war to play their role, perfect cooperation, played two vigorous battle.Emotional drama is concentrated at the end, tear-inducing plot is one after another, the most tear-inducing is that sentence “the seventh interspersed should be one hundred and fifty-seven people, actually to one person”.Moreover, “The Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake” perfectly echoes the beginning of “Chosin Lake”, which begins with Wu Qianli taking Wu Baili “home”.At the end of the “gate bridge of long jin lake” is WuWanLi coming home with wu li, the plot of this arrangement is very clever, echo the beginning, emotional drama also perform properly, in this moment the most moving, a brother and WuWanLi also because has experienced a war eventually grow into a man, the end let film improved the overall quality of a class.The box office of “Chojin Lake” reached 5.775 billion yuan. As the sequel of “Chojin Lake”, whether “Chojin Lake Watergate Bridge” can surpass the box office record of the first one is worth focusing on and looking forward to.

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