2022 Non-metallic Mineral Products and Equipment Exhibition, hot booking booth!

2022 China (Jiangyou) Non-metallic Ore Technology and Market Exchange Conference will be held in Jiangyou city, Sichuan Province from April 16 to 18!”Non-metallic mineral products and Equipment Exhibition” will be held at the same time, the booth is being booked!Booth reservation contact 18710191248 (the same WeChat) conference jointly held by the organizer: institute of building materials industry technology intelligence jiangyou China university of geosciences (wuhan) of the people’s government of nano mineral materials and application engineering research center of the Ministry of Education of southwest university of science and technology institute of environment and resource college of sichuan university high polymer to undertake units:Non-metallic Ore Development and Application Editorial Department China Non-Metallic Ore Information Platform Sichuan Province Non-metallic Ore Powder Modification and High Quality Utilization Technology Engineering Laboratory ii. Agenda Arrangement Meeting Time: 16-18 April 2022 Venue: Jiangyou City, Sichuan ProvinceNaLian ring information technology co., LTD in sichuan jiangyou south bo mining development co., LTD., sichuan jiangyou shu yu industrial co., LTD., conference contents (a) meeting BBS 1, 2, clay minerals and quartz and quartz material BBS BBS 3 mineral materials, powder high value applications BBS (2) the subject 1, during the period of “difference” China’s non-metallic mineral industry policy, market and trendsParsing 2, under the background of “double carbon” non-metallic mineral acquisition, processing and technical innovation and trend analysis of 3, 4, non-metallic mineral green mine construction and practice of green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing 5, nonmetalliferous ore crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, color, sizing technology progress and equipment 6, non-metallic mineral powder surface modification technology and equipment application development of 7, calcium carbonate, talc, wollastonite, siliconMicro powder and powder deep processing and modification technology 8, bentonite, concave soil, deep processing of kaolin clay minerals such as content and subtraction technique, low grade 9 separation purification and tailings comprehensive utilization technology of 10, non-metallic mineral powder material detection and characterization of 11, specialty technology, the preparation and application of functional inorganic powder materials (including plastics, masterbatch, rubber, coating, adhesive glueAgent, printing ink, cable materials, special powder materials such as paper, glass,) 12, environment function with non-metallic mineral material preparation technology, electronic materials, 13 14 with the preparation and application of nonmetallic mineral materials, agriculture, medicine and other areas with the preparation and application of non-metallic mineral powder 15, 16 industrial sewage purification and processing, comprehensive utilization of tailings processing technology continuously updated reportIn the…

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