Early spring in February, women have conditions to drink this soup, a few times a week, noodles such as peach blossom into the spring

“February spring to wind and rain days, peach flower feeling fleeting”, early spring in February, although the temperature is not completely warming up, the wind has more than a trace of gentle, no longer as cold as winter.Every spring, be full of caper in the heart of people, looking forward to change lightsome spring clothes, dress up beautiful go out, but the skin of early spring also always make a person troubled, through a whole winter cold wind “blow dozen”, skin qualitative becomes coarse without burniness, let whole person look some less moving “beautiful appearance”.Want to improve skin quality can start from the diet, such as eating more skin “friendly” fruit, soup and so on, share a sweet and delicious “peach gum tremella sweet soup” to everyone, have the condition to cook several times a week to drink, skin will be delicate and smooth, such as peach blossom into the spring.The soup is rich in materials, among which jujube has the reputation of “natural vitamin pill”. Rich vitamin C has the function of anti-oxidation and improving skin color.Tremella is rich in collagen. Long-term consumption can deliver nutrients to the skin and keep the skin white and smooth.Peach glue taste Q elastic, also rich in a variety of plant protein and collagen, can keep the skin delicate, tender, elastic state, good beautifying effect, and add longan, wolfberry, rose, the nutritional value of this bowl of soup has no need to say more, when you are free to make a bowl to drink, rich taste, nourishing the skin and beauty.Ingredients: 6 red dates, 10 dried longan, tremella, peach gum, wolfberry, dried rose, rock sugar.1. Take a small handful of peach glue and put it into a bowl the night before stewing, add an appropriate amount of water, and soak it for 8-10 hours.After soaking, use water to clean the black impurity dust attached to the peach gum for later use.2. According to the amount of food eaten by the family, take appropriate amount of tremella and put it in a bowl with clear water for about 2 hours. After the tremella is soaked, cut off the yellow root and tear it into small pieces and put them in the bowl.3. While waiting for tremella to bubble, take about 6 dates, add water and a spoonful of flour to rub the dates clean, and cut them into round pieces with a knife to remove the core for later use.Tips: Flour has strong adsorption power, adding a spoonful of flour when cleaning dates can well absorb the dust and impurities at the wrinkles on the surface of dates, and the cleaned dates are bright red, clean and bright.4. Add enough water to the pot, put the torn tremella into the pot with cold water, bring the water to the boil with high fire, then turn to low heat and simmer for 40 minutes, until tremella is gelatinous.5, fungus stew 40 minutes later, the processed dried longan into the pot to continue to stew for 10 minutes, the bubble of peach glue into the pot, in the waiting process, the wolfberry wash and water soak.6, stew 10 minutes later, jujube and wolfberry respectively into the pot, and then add a few rock sugar and dry rose to add flavor and flavor, stew to ice sugar can be turned off fire into a bowl, a bowl of rich taste, sweet taste nourishing soup is done.Lao Jing said that when stewing the soup, the friends who lose weight and control sugar can not put rock sugar, the sweet taste of jujube and longan itself will be stewed into the soup, and the taste will not be very bad.If there is no dry rose at home can also not put, there are suggestions to put in, the rose to join the whole soup more than a trace of flowers, drink the entrance is very spring feeling.Because of the tremella in the soup, it is recommended not to drink after overnight placement, and it is best to drink now, according to the number of people to drink the corresponding amount of food materials.I am the market foraging record, and the world for many years, still glorious, still interested!Like to focus on food, drink and skittles, daily update recipes and food interesting news, pay attention to me, enjoy food not lost.

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