Foreign media: Apple’s spring product launch is scheduled, with at least two hardware products to be unveiled

Apple will unveil its new iPhone SE and iPad Air lines at its spring 2022 event on March 8, Bloomberg reported.In addition, new Mac products aimed at the high-end market are also likely to be released.For users with limited budgets, this spring new product release is worth looking forward to.According to the current Revelations, the new iPhone SE3 has been basically confirmed: A15 new +iPhone8 appearance +5G network.As an iPhone that focuses on cost performance, the new mold is basically nothing to consider, and the price is the most important thing to care about.Two days ago 91Mobiles revealed three Apple devices imported into India for testing, one of which is a cheap version of the iPhone priced at around $300, equivalent to 1,908 yuan.Factoring in tariffs and other factors, if the price of the new iPhone SE drops to 2,500 yuan, Qi ji can only say that Cook is really tough.As for the new iPhone SE, Ross Young named it iPhone SE+5G, not iPhone SE3 or iPhone SE 5G.Faced with this unique naming, Qi Ji has a bold idea: to solve the battery life problem, the iPhone SE+5G mold will be upgraded to the iPhone8 Plus.Another coincidence is that iOS 15.4 supports mask unlocking. Why we choose this time to push and update, will it be related to the upcoming release of iPhone SE+5G?If the new iPhone ESE uses the iPhone XR mold, with the A15 chip +Face ID+ mask unlock, its sales will be absolutely inestimable.If you use this appearance and hardware configuration, 2500 yuan starting is certainly not possible, keeping 3299 yuan starting price is also very sweet.In the current environment, unlocking the iPhone experience will have no problem with the iPhone11 series and its predecessors, and will provide LCD owners with new options.(fyi.) by contrast, the iPad Air5 is basically a regular update iteration, essentially equivalent to a larger version of the iPad mini6.According to the latest leaks, the iPad Air 5’s main upgrades are the A15 chip and dual mode 5G network, and there will be some upgrades to the video system.The most anticipated is the storage version and the starting price, which hopefully will start with 128GB.If the price and the old iPad Pro can not pull the gap, qi Ji more recommended the old iPad Pro11.On top of that, is it really a coincidence that iOS 15.4 will be released before March 15?New Macs with Apple M chips are also on the way, and could be released as early as March.Given that the new iPhoneSE and iPad Air5 don’t hold up to a launch event, the chances of a new Mac are pretty good.The new Mac, with a new design and a more powerful chip, is aimed at the high end of the computer market.Qi said: For Apple’s fall product launch, qi ji’s thoughts are as follows: will the new iPhone SE have two products, respectively replacing the iPhone SE2 and iPhone11 sold on the official website?The new iPhone that replaces the iPhone 2 takes a mold from the iPhone8 Plus, bringing a larger screen size, faster dual-mode 5G and a more powerful A15 chip.The iPhone XR mold, which replaced the iPhone11, delivers better performance, better experience unlocking masks and a relatively lower price.The above is only qi ji imagination and speculation, only for your reference, all subject to apple press conference.I am Qi Ji, and that’s what QI Ji thinks.Original code word is not easy, like remember to pay attention to qi Ji’s ideas, can also like, forward and comment.More interesting digital information waiting for you.The picture comes from the network, invade delete!

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