Guizhou rain and snow press the pause button!Strong convection is gathering momentum…

A snow weather decorated the whole world lively, the joy of the Spring Festival snow bodes well filled everyone’s heart although the altitude of many roads frozen, but meteorological, traffic and other departments of colleagues stick to the front line to release early warning information, salt deicing…Vigorous for your security escort to the a trip to snow coagulation weather temporary retreat in a couple of days most of the next three days, the province is given priority to with light rain or cloudy day only provinces of the northwest in today night to 4 tomorrow during the day and night to day 5, sporadic rain tomorrow spring weather stage show another vibrant scene again influenced by southern trough and cold air together 26 will appear obvious precipitation weather in our province provinces have a strong convective weather in the Midwest out know the weather warning information in advance to avoid strong convective period because of the province in northwest regions there are still sporadic freezing rain and icy roads and the province of the Midwest and fog rain mountain topography of high or low visibility weather driving friend should pay close attention to local meteorological department issued the warning letter in advanceInterest and scientific planning travel time and travel section of the temperature in the province is on the rise but in many parts of the body feeling is still very cold friends go out it is important to note that warm warm avoid cold diseases such as the province the weather forecast today night to tomorrow during the day, province overcast with light rain in the Midwest, the northwest have scattered freezing rain or sleet, the rest mainly cloudy;During the night of The 4th to the daytime of the 5th, the western part of the province had sporadic light rain or sporadic freezing rain at night. During the day, it was cloudy between cloudy days, and the temperature rose.From the night of the 5th to the day of the 6th, there will be showers in the cloudy day all over the province, local medium to heavy rain, local strong convection weather in the afternoon of the 6th in the central and western regions.Guiyang weather tonight to tomorrow during the day, cloudy with sporadic light rain;From the night of the 4th to the day of the 5th, cloudy;5 night to 6 day, cloudy with light to moderate rain.Source qian meteorological editor Lu Yuan editor Yang Tao

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