Ms. Du Yuanxiao bluntly, just want a boy, wrong there

Nine fish on the original point of view, declined plagiarism because can not listen to Ms. Du’s live broadcast, the afternoon looked on the retreat, did not expect that she later also ramble and said so much.She said she just wanted a boy, couldn’t have a baby, and that’s where she went wrong.Ms. Du sure has something to show for a live broadcast.Her live stream would be dry and unappealing without her.It is estimated that the daughter-in-law also taught a lot of “traffic encryption” experience.Du’s explanation for giving birth to Yao Ce was that she wanted to have a boy, but she did not have fertile conditions.Very strange ah, that courtyard at all nonsense also calculate, that horse shop of what appoint, also so allow her nonsense?Du, who has a healthy son, was allowed to have a second child, but she didn’t bother to get one.Her son, whom she “loved like life,” failed to obtain a certificate.She’s trying to make her legal reproductive conditions illegal.As a result, the child she raised was not her own. Her biological child did not receive the first injection, so everyone knew what the problem was, but she was able to obtain compensation.If all hospitals are so “generous”, “humanistic care”, how can there be medical trouble?They all harmonize and understand each other!Du wanted to have a healthy boy, and her dream came true.She dodged what could have been a grueling 28 years, and then allowed her birth to become a hot topic that continues to this day.The topic also allows her to continue to reap the benefits of compensation.What a happy man, really.(Pictures from the Internet, infringement must be deleted)

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