Whether toothpaste is stained with water before brushing teeth, dentists are helpless, most people do wrong, no wonder yellow teeth have bad breath

People in today’s society pay special attention to their appearance, so many people will try their best to improve their image and make themselves look more beautiful.We put a lot of effort into becoming beautiful, but when we neglect these little things, such as our teeth and oral hygiene, our looks can also deteriorate.When we communicate with others, a white tooth will make a good impression on others, make the smile brighter and enhance our temperament.But there are still many people with yellow teeth, and those with yellow teeth sometimes have bad breath.Many of you should be wondering why we take our teeth brushing very seriously every day.Why do our teeth still turn yellow?This has a huge impact on our personal image.In order to improve dental problems.Many people solve these problems directly by cleaning their teeth.Xiaobian also has such troubles. Finally, with the help of my dental friend, I found that when brushing my teeth, I should pay attention to this small detail, which can very well improve the dental problem.Dentists have no choice but to put water on toothpaste before brushing, and most of them are wrong.No wonder yellow teeth have bad breath.Many people brush their teeth morning and night, but still have bad breath or yellow teeth.What can you do to avoid these problems?Experts tell you whether or not to wet your toothpaste before brushing, because some of the active ingredients in toothpaste are easily diluted after the excess water washes away, which can lead to ineffective brushing for a long time.Although the foam is abundant, the best effect of toothpaste will not work.Also, don’t brush your teeth too short or too long.To ensure that all teeth in the mouth clean in place, half of the time in about three minutes.When brushing your teeth, pay attention to brushing your teeth up, down and left, try to brush each tooth once, take care of each tooth in place.In addition, choosing a suitable toothpaste is very important for brushing teeth.For example, some friends have yellow teeth, bad breath or sensitive gums.I suggest you try this mild baking soda toothpaste.The cleaning ability is very good, and it can gradually remove dirt and pigment from teeth.Baking soda is a mild ingredient that doesn’t irritate your gums and is great for protecting your mouth.Xiaobian has bought this toothpaste many times.In fact, when I first tried it, I tried it.I never thought I’d put it down after I used it.First of all, this toothpaste adopts h-press design, which makes people feel very convenient and hygienic. Moreover, it is commendable that this toothpaste is a combination of design in the morning and evening.Use peppermint in the morning to freshen your mouth, and peach in the evening to gradually remove food from your teeth.In addition, sticking to this toothpaste can gradually improve the sensitive gums, make breath fresh and reduce the occurrence of bacteria in the mouth. Friends around are also planting this baking soda toothpaste, which has a good reputation and evaluation.Fresh breath and white teeth can make us more confident in our relationships, brighten our smiles and enhance our temperament.If you still have problems with your mouth or teeth, try this baking soda toothpaste.

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