Chapter 928 Not to be bought

Feng Zongping looked at her suspiciously, but before he could speak, Yun Xinxiong said with a smile, “I love to set questions from Confucian classics. There are so many Confucian classics. Can you remember?”Man Bao thought thoughtfully, “yes, he is a Kong family.”Her eyes shining at them, asked: “that you have a hole in the hands of the year to the first class freshmen out of the topic?”Seal zong ping confirmed some, ask a way: “what you that teacher younger brother won’t attend is two days later of answer recruit an examination?”Man Bao looked at him and nodded, “Yes.”Feng Zongping touched his chin and then asked, “Do you know how to solve the strong strategy just now?”Man Treasure thought for a while and then said: “From the gentleman and not flow, state-owned road, unchanged plug how to solve it.”Feng Zongping stroked, “Not bad, not bad. How do you compare with your younger brother?”Man treasure took a longer time to think about it and said reluctantly, “It’s a little stronger than me.”Feng Zongping laughed and said, “There is no problem for him to take the guizi examination. This is the year-end examination of my second grade. I am now a third grade student.Man Bao’s eyes brightened and he asked, “Do you know the other forty-six students?How knowledgeable are they?”Feng Zongping looked at her but smiled.Man Treasure had confidence, and then a thought of vexed, “But I have two younger brothers.”All:…What does that mean?Man Bao looked back and forth at the four students around her, smiling, “Let me invite you to dinner, you are grown up, can drink wine?How about I buy you a drink and we talk about the exam topics over the years?Do you remember that?”Feng Zongping: “…Both of your younger brothers should be recruited?”Man Treasure nods, “theirs.””So you’re not one of them?””Different names, shall we have dinner together?”Feng Zongping looked around and asked, “Why don’t they come in person?””They are studying in their master’s house. I don’t think they can come out for two days. Do you want to drink?I hear there’s a restaurant up ahead that has really good wine.”Yi Ziyang interrupted and asked, “Is it the No.1 building?”Man treasure which know is what building ah, she even don’t know the way, but since someone point the name of the restaurant, she casually nod way: “yes, is the number one building.”Yi Ziyang pulled feng Zongping’s sleeve and whispered: “The first floor of the wine.”Feng Zongping crossed his one eye and said in a small voice, “Can you remember the exam questions over the years?”Yi Ziyang silence once after the way: “Nonsense a few fool fool lane?””Didn’t I just try that?She even solved the problem of the Mean. Think what you did with it years ago.”So you can’t fool yourself with your toes.Full treasure see them together whisper, although can’t hear what they are saying, but into their own and Bai Shan Bai Jiro think about it, she can guess about it.She sighed and said, “I know, you certainly didn’t remember the question, but it doesn’t matter, you still have the paper, give me the paper, I can wait here for you, when you bring the paper, I will buy you a drink.”The four continued to be silent.Man Treasure understood at a glance, “Well, it seems that you and my younger brother, not only after the exam forgot the exam question, even the paper did not keep.”Four:…Who keeps the exam papers? They must be shoved wherever they can.Full treasure sighed, arch hands way: “see you later.”Four:…Feng zongping could not help saying, “You are useless here.”He beckoned her to look at the students who were coming out of the door one after another.”You also saw, everyone is most curious to see, who will sell papers?”Man treasure asked curiously: “Why not sell?”Yi Ziyang said: “Because there is no lack of money, can not live in the university, either home in the capital, or can afford to rent an apartment outside, who lack money?”Feng Zongping said with a smile: “Yes, most of the students of guozi School are the children of officials above three grades, and basically all live outside. Only a few of the ordinary people who can be admitted to Guozi School, but also live outside. Most of the students of imperial school are the children of officials of four grades, and the children of officials of four grades are the children of officials of five grades.Full treasure not good spirit of ask, “that you why come over?”Feng Zongping coughed softly and said, “Am I not curious?By the way, where is your junior brother from?Is it the ancestors or the heroes?”Full treasure way: “is his father, but I don’t tell you who his father is, good, I found an acquaintance, advance one step.”Full treasure saw white Big lang, took a good luck after the white big Lang.Bai Da Lang found them as soon as he went out, so his mouth was wide open, a look of disbelief.Full treasure came forward to pull white big lang walked to one side, “White elder brother, did you inquire about the examination paper of the calendar year?”White big lang a face absentminedly shake his head, “time is too tight, which have so fast, but full treasure, how do you directly support the paper at the door to collect papers?Let the PHDS know to lecture.””I’m not a Chinese student. What are you afraid of?”Too.Bai Dalang nodded, after nodding, still feel so bad, just want to talk to her, Man Treasure has quickly said:”Bai shi elder brother, you go in again bai, don’t look for your schoolmate, they also just enter school not a few months, the plate has not stepped ripe, you look for the second class senior, well, the family is not too rich, the person is good to make friends, and lively, even if they don’t have a test paper in hand, they certainly know who has.”Bai Dalang thought for a while and nodded, he was also from mianzhou, naturally know that some bookshops quietly sell all kinds of secret papers, and these papers are basically from the students in the school.But in the past, he had bought the papers directly from the bookshop, or, through Mr. Zhuang’s connections, had obtained them directly from the municipal gentlemen, who had collected the papers.So he was a little embarrassed and his face turned red.Full treasure saw very worried ah, feel the elder brother’s face than his brother can be too bad.Man Treasure gave him his money bag, “Brother, as long as you give enough money, there is no paper in the world that can’t be bought.”Bai Dalang nodded his head uncomfortably, “All right.”Feng Zongping waited for Bai Dalang to come in, and man Treasure watched people disappear together, and asked: “Is this a student of four subjects?You know each other?”Man Bao ignored him.”Feed, little maiden so very bad, I take not a paper son you ignore a person?”Man treasure way: “main is you still lie.”Seal zong ping light cough 1 way: “that next again with you 1 way is not?”The story originated from the Internet, copyright belongs to the original author.

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