Chen Lisen was born in Qiqihar Hospital in Heilongjiang province in 1965 and was sent to the local Jianhua district to look for relatives

On December 14, 1965 was born in heilongjiang qiqihar hospital after 7 days to raise was sent to local JHF OuDeChen li sen embarks 511595 gender: female birth time:December 14, 1965 (solar calendar, accurate, support the family four aunts and five aunts said) send raise time: December 21, 1965 (solar calendar, accurate, support the family four aunts and five aunts said) suspected place of residence: Heilongjiang Qiqihar send raise address: Heilongjiang Qiqihar First People’s HospitalDescription of Characteristics of Chenjia Courtyard, Quanfu Road, Jianhua District, Qiqihar city, Heilongjiang Province: A left-handed head.Double LIDS, large eyes, dimples on both sides of her face and a dim birthmark on the back of her right thigh.Adoption process:(readme) I am on December 14, 1965, according to the lunar calendar on November 22, 1 am in qiqihaer city, was born, the first hospital, listen to support his family of five great aunt and I said, I am a family four aunts and five great aunt took 7 days after I was born in the hospital, was born in the home is my youngest at home ten my sister-in-law also face labor, my mother is a big man is very beautiful,May be biological mother body will raise, I sent in my age of 48 they learned that they were sent to raise, when I know that is sent to the first people’s hospital to check files, because the hospital medical records only for 30 years, and I have to introduce me to mother’s nurse, zhao (probably called Zhao Lijun), was my adoptive father’s old neighbor, contact,She is seventy years old, because at that time she took part in the work only more than ten years old, only remember the first introduction adopted the baby is me, there is no meaning of any information.My adoptive father is a factory worker and my adoptive mother is a housewife.Baby go Home volunteers only QQ reception group: 1840533 Baby go Home find subnet consultation baby home volunteer association baby come home subnet public website at Baby come home volunteer service for free for XunQinZhe focus help missing children under the age of 16 the tracing service to cooperate with “baidu public welfare”

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