From an $80,000 markup to a flat price, Toyota’s Sena proved that it didn’t matter who they sold

First of all, I wish you a happy old age. I wish you all a happy and healthy Year of the Tiger.At first a lot of car bloggers were wrong, we thought Sena would trade price for market, but the truth is cold.Sena took a different route – raising prices.Unfortunately, consumers are more calm now. Either I hold the coin and wait, or I choose competing products. Why should I insist on you?The salesman also told me recently that sena could pick up the car at a reasonable price, which really made me laugh.Early know so, why at the outset such a operation defeat good impression?Does Toyota really think of itself as Volkswagen?Toyota is not synonymous with luxury cars.Anyway, the current joint venture produced cerna does not pose any threat to parallel imported cars in the port, and you do not have a car, why bother?Does the markup work?The port dealers were scared by the localization of SIENNA, but your operation was so aggressive that it ended up saving the parallel imported car market.LGD put mammoths are not as rough as your operation, so how about manufacturers consider supporting LGD?Or a co-branded car?Last December, Gac Toyota actually used wholesale sales of these four words, is really 30 years river east 30 years river west, you also have today ah?Why didn’t I see you thinking about your words like that at Highlander?There is no such thing as a dominant domestic market today. There are too many alternatives.If you don’t do it, some people will embrace this market.What’s more, friends of the car is not a soft persimmon, the most important factor is actually the country six B emissions of the domestication of Toyota sa has not 3.5L V6 engine.Why didn’t Toyota’s locally made Senna continue the elfa’s success?Because the consumer groups are different, The Saina is actually a big van in the eyes of passers-by. Spending hundreds of thousands to buy a Toyota van may be regarded as leek in third-tier cities.The reason why The price of Elfa are bought, it is because Hong Kong and Taiwan stars with goods ability.In those days, there was also a video hall, which was hated by teachers and parents. Older people knew that there were often young people PK at the door of a video hall.Celebrities often arrive at various events in elfa, accompanied by a group of staff members Shouting to make way, which is recorded by entertainment cameras.In those days, the star fan younger brother fan younger sister is now rich, it is understandable to buy an idol with the same model, and even if can’t afford to also recognize from the video is the star with the same model.Now there are many popular stars driving is The Toyota Elfa, you say big brother to raise the price of the car face?Before parallel import Toyota 3.5L V6 Senna just said that a small number of people used for business reception, their own attributes are stronger, so the body is not so much halo.I’m glad sales have increased after the price increase, and now they don’t tell me to raise the price.Anyway, it’s more important to figure out how much catty you are. Look at the price route of Beijing Modern Kous road and make a fortune with muffled voice.The big brother who raised the price last year is now crying in the forum, and the price increase can not be reflected in the retention rate, I said more than once.In fact, the domestic version of SienNA could not afford the markup.It doesn’t have the benchmarking strength or brand recognition of Highlander.The Chevy Trailblazer is superior to highlander in terms of product strength, but it is the brand factor that keeps highlander from being undefeated.The Chevy Trailblazers would be as good as the BLAZers in the NBA.As I’ve said more than once, consumer habits and willingness to spend can’t be changed in a few words from car critics.This picture is very classic, then do not care about what car enterprise, do not add three car will not sell.Even so, the public has to hire celebrities to endorse platforms.Honda’s fit in those days also have three cars, this is the consumer of the three car period.Now, consumers do not like to use three-cylinder cars, American cars and Japanese cars have suffered, obediently please come back to the four-cylinder machine.Consumers do not like to raise prices and now they do not like car companies, because young people have their own ideas, they are independent generation of consumers.It’s a long way from the days in the 1990s when only newspapers and professional automotive media could do automotive content.Follow the consumers and they will hold you as a celebrity. The example of the public is profound.Zhongbaoken Passat incident has caused Volkswagen’s aura to plummet. If consumers like you, they are advanced cars. If they don’t like you, they are the oil three swordsmen.What can we car bloggers change?Toyota is a common joint venture brand, not a luxury brand.Maybe Mazda could try a light luxury.

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