Happy scenes!American athletes experience Chinese folk customs and volunteers compete to hold “Yuanxiao” with chopsticks

On February 15, the Lantern Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, was celebrated in the Beijing Winter Olympics Village, which provided colorful folk activities for delegations from all over the world.On the same day, American athletes posted pictures of themselves playing “yuanxiao” (table tennis) with chopsticks with volunteers on instagram, an overseas social networking platform.32-year-old American ice hockey player Hilary Knight, a two-time Olympic medalist.She is very interested in the Beijing Winter Olympics village and Chinese culture. After the games, she often changed UP and went around to “check out the shops”. In addition to showing the venues and laundry services, she also shared her experience of tying lanterns.This time, she focused her camera on the Lantern Festival.A jade bead plate swims in Beijing’s Winter Olympics village on Sunday.Footage shared by Hilary Knight shows a US team member competing with volunteers as they try to pick up ping-pong balls from a basket with chopsticks and place them in a designated basket. Whoever gets the most balls in the allotted time will win.American athletes in the scene biye photo competition scene tense, many American athletes formed a cheerleading, Shouting “Go!Go!The Go (blunt!Blunt!Blunt!)”, cheering for his teammates.Unfortunately, due to his lack of proficiency with chopsticks, the teammate only succeeded once, and the volunteer stopped to patiently instruct him.During the event, there was a lot of laughter and laughter. After the competition, the American athletes took a group photo at the scene.American athletes in the games village lantern according to understand, in addition to the “middle” jade bead plate activities, games village in Beijing also prepared to write everyone, hang lanterns, guess riddles, see the lion dance shadow play, eat a variety of activities, such as characteristic food let athletes all over the world to experience the Chinese folk custom, also feel the warmth of home.(By Liu Qiang) (Source: Www.waiwai.com)

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