Series three: Heaven, Man, Earth, God and three dimensional space plus time dimension

Introduction: This paper is a series of 16 hexagrams, focusing on the split and merge of four-dimensional space and time, which is a split and merge deconstruction.Apart how to see, how to understand, together and can see what kind of a result.Writing may not be too smooth, but in fact, you can still understand the meaning without backlasing. Chinese has this advantage, not afraid of misspelling, but also let readers find that they are actually very smart.Text start: we are very familiar with the three lines of hexagrams, also start with the eight diagrams to see a hexagrams.Chinese people tend to understand the hexagrams from the image, in fact, the image of the hexagrams is a holographic expression of a number of images.It’s like a mathematical synthesis of figures.In fact, image is also a kind of freehand brushwork. If a person’s inspiration is better, he will feel the evolution process of things, which is a fuzzy algorithm. The better inspiration is, the closer to the actual evolution of things and the perception of results.According to the customs and conventions handed down from ancient times.The order of the three hexagrams from bottom to top corresponds to the evolution of things from beginning to end.According to the correspondence of heaven and earth, and from top to bottom, respectively: heaven and earth.In the six hexagram system, is also expressed in this way, people in heaven and earth, this is very image, is the expression of the image.The order of lines from the first two lines to three lines to four lines to five lines is a sequence rank and number expression.These are all common sense, not to repeat.Based on the three hexagram, there are at least two variations of the four hexagram. One is to place the fourth hexagram on top of the three hexagram.What else is there at least in heaven and earth?It was God, it was God, it was time.To unify the temporal and spatial dimensions, the four lines need to place the fourth dimension on top of the three lines.According to the purely materialistic point of view, it should be a model of three hexagram.However, similar to physicist Yang Zhenning’s view of the existence of the “creator” mechanism, the use of four hexagram to make a mathematical model, understanding the operation of the world will be more close to the actual situation.This is not about who is right or wrong, who is higher or lower.For example, we understand a person’s innate health model.With years of “five transport six gas” characteristics, in fact, we have learned a lot.Well used and very instructive.The more detailed go down, it is necessary to increase the month, season, solar terms and other elements, many people also grasp the eyebrows and beard, not the more detailed wait for the more accurate.More money makes you happier, but it doesn’t help.Just right, the best, in line with their own brain understanding, and normal functioning is the best.There is also a mode, which is the “heaven, Earth and Beast” mode.In this case, the fourth yao position should be placed under “tian Ren Di”.It’s flexible.It is estimated that zoo management can use this idea for reference when constructing relevant overall mathematical models.As for the study of economics, we should refer to the mathematical model of “heaven, Earth and God”.Nani, if you don’t believe in the invisible hand, do you trust the numbers in your financial account?So much for today.

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