World Trade Organization: Rising food prices could spark riots among people in poor countries

World Trade Organization (WTO) director General Okonjo-Ivela said rising global food prices due to the situation surrounding Ukraine could spark unrest among people in poor countries.Okonjo-iweala told British media: “The impact of the conflict in Ukraine on food prices and hunger this year and next will be huge.Food and fuel are two of the most important items in the basket of consumption for the world’s poor.Poor countries and the poor in poor countries are the most affected.”She noted that 35 African countries depend on food supplies from the Black Sea region.If steps are not taken to mitigate the consequences of conflict, it will be another disaster, not just this year, but next year.She worries about the danger of food riots like those that followed the sharp rise in food prices in the 2000s.Okonjo-ivela also said she could not imagine that Russia could be excluded from the WTO because of its military’s particular actions in Ukraine, a process that would be difficult and require the approval of 75 percent of member states.Some netizens said that about 30 percent of the world’s wheat comes from Ukraine and Russia, and wheat exports will be completely stopped during the conflict between the two countries.China imports about 30% of the total imports of Corn from Ukraine every year. If the grain output of Ukraine decreases, the price of corn in China may rise accordingly.Stocking up on food is a top priority, especially under the current circumstances, when the epidemic is raging and the international situation is volatile, people will not panic if they have food at home.

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