Basically true!Wang Zhelin’s former teammates signed the guangdong team, wearing 30, Du Feng added a trump card

The time comes to the middle of February, which is the intermission period of the second phase of the CBA, and also the window period for recruiting. With only 10 regular season games remaining, each team still needs to strengthen, and more attention is paid to the playoffs. Which big fish will sign a new team will become the focus of fans’ attention.There are still a lot of people waiting for jobs in the CBA free agent list, but there is one player in the trend of fujian that moves everyone’s heart. That is Defender Tang Jie of the former Fujian Team, because he has been training with Guangdong team for most of the season, but he hasn’t got a chance to play.On the afternoon of the 11th, the latest news broke, basketball reporter Guan Xin confirmed that Tang Jie will be officially signed, wearing the no.30 jersey for Guangdong Team to play.Because Guan Xin is guangdong team with team reporter, the news has always been very accurate, he also mentioned That Du Feng bluntly hope tang Jie can bring a strong complement to the team.Tang Jie is a unique player in CBA. He is a player from NBL. As a guard, he has good skills and speed is his biggest label.In 2019, Tang Jie joined the Fujian Team through the draft and started the JOURNEY of CBA.Team Fujian is not a strong team, but there is no lack of excellent players. In the past many years, Wang Zhellin and Chen Linjian are the biggest trump cards here. With their existence, the team’s performance will not be too miserable, but only hovering in the edge of the playoffs.Tang Jie came into team Fujian and had a chance to cooperate with Wang Zhelin, one of the best centers in China. However, his organization ability is mediocre and he is more like a shooting guard. He can play a role in counterattack and has more mistakes.Although Tang Jie ability is average, but full of stamina, playing with passion, may be in sympathy with the “weak” mentality, but let him gain a large number of fans.In Fujian, Tang Jie’s averages in two seasons are 3.5 points 2.1 assists and 6.1 points 2.7 assists respectively.The classic scene last season was tang Jie’s poor execution of tactics and was scolded by Zhu Shi Long on the sidelines, thinking that no one wanted him to play wild ball.Sure enough, the summer contract expired after Tang Jie in the CBA no one, but willing to change the decadent for the magic Du Feng gave him a chance, even after the player registration period, or tang Jie to Guangzhou team.Du feng’s choice is simple. On the one hand, Tang Jie performed well in the National Games and his style fits guangdong team.On the other hand, Guangdong can hold the ball manpower shortage, worried about injuries and other emergencies, need to supplement personnel.As expected, after the league began, Guangdong team lacked foreign aid, the three defenders Zhao Rui, Hu Mingxuan, Xu Jie in a highly fatigued state, into the second stage Weems return, Zhao Rui and long-term absence, very lack of mature professional players like Tang Jie as a supplement, even if share a little time is good.Just missed the registration period, Tang Jie had to train with the team and watch the tactics.Now Tang Jie can finally complete the signing, du Feng’s test also followed, the third stage of the local three back basic line-up, foreign aid also gathered together Weems and Lido two, the ball holder problem has been basically solved, Tang Jie’s playing time is really unknown.Most importantly, there are only 10 games left in the regular season, which will give Tongjie time to settle into the team and make it harder for him to play in the playoffs.

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