For the Winter Olympics, he wore two layers of thermal pants to patrol, blowing through in less than a minute

At 9 o ‘clock on February 13, Pang Chenguang and Zhou Yue, members of the technical building support team of the National Biathlon Center, received the inspection task list from the site headquarters at the terminal of the power EOC system, and immediately began the one-day equipment inspection task.”It snowed all night yesterday. Today, when the wind blew, it was freezing cold.I put on two layers of thermals this morning and felt them blow through in less than a minute.”They said as they walked to the two distribution boxes beside the technology building.After arrived at the scene, according to the extreme weather cool snowfall equipment safety emergency plan, their distribution box on the control panel display data for the item by item, inspection, and the broom to clean up the snow on the external cable, cable joint gap and outlet chamber is not convenient to clean, they are wearing gloves by hand the snow to dig out little by little, not a few times,The gloves were soggy with melting snow and soon turned to ice, but they didn’t give up until all the snow was cleared from the crevices.”The two distribution boxes are responsible for heating and technical load power supply. If the snow is not cleaned in time, it will freeze, which may cause a big hidden trouble to the cable joints and control panel.”Zhou Yue said to rub his hands, breathing from the gap in the mask out of a thick layer of frost on his glasses.According to the event arrangement of the Winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee, the women’s 10km chase and men’s 12.5km chase will be held in the biathlon center today. It is of great importance to ensure the safety and reliability of power supply in the timing and scoring room, sports display screens and on-site commentary equipment during the competition, which is directly related to the fairness and impartiality of the competition and the effect of live broadcast.”All equipments good?Any problems with electricity?”Is all the equipment in order?Are there any electricity problems?In accordance with the equipment power source tracing card and one case, the team members learned about the equipment operation and power demand one by one from the teams in various fields at home and abroad, and made detailed cleaning and temperature measurement records for the outdoor snow covered equipment.”I am in charge of the timing and scoring room and the sports display control room. During the competition, all the equipment and the full load are in operation, so the guarantee pressure is not small, but we are very confident with careful preparation and various plans to support!”Pang Chenguang, a member of the security team, said while using an infrared thermometer to test UPS power terminal, indoor and outdoor distribution box cable and air switch temperature one by one, and record voltage and current and other relevant data, the wind with snow straight into the neck, bursts of cold throughout the body.Round patrol down an hour quickly passed, “the Winter Olympic Games Chinese team but full amount of winter Olympic Games, outside the snow did not stop, we stick to the same, ensure that the power operation is safe, is for the national team refueling!”Pang Chenguang and Zhou Yue said firmly.

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