Sweet double Romance double Lane Crawford’s Valentine’s Day gift list

(Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu — February 7, 2022) As the sweet season begins again, lane Ford, a famous boutique department store, selects items from around the world for valentine’s Day, providing you with unlimited inspiration to express your love and praise your love on this romantic holiday.On Valentine’s Day, Lane Crawford presents special gift boxes and beautiful beauty products, bringing meticulous pet to the skin, which will continue to be pampered.The ANGELA CAGLIA LED Mask is the world’s first rose crystal LED mask for the girl who is in pursuit of the ritual feeling of skin care, and she can experience the exclusive charm of natural luxury skin care brand.Word-of-mouth items bring the gift inspiration that can’t go wrong, from VALMONT Rejuvenation set, EVE LOM Valentine’s Day gift box and SKII Year of the Tiger limited packaging fairy water, to demonstrate love and convey romance with quality;There is also the new single product that can not be missed, LA PRAIRIE, the new pure fair and tight luxurious eye cream, the power of concentrating light, bright eyes;SISLEY Whitening intensive essence, brightening skin, improve skin gloss;More popular brands AD VITAM, UNISKIN, warm and protect the skin and body of loved ones.Colour apply colours to a drawing, atmosphere makeup look is ha pet outside skin, apply colours to a drawing again love, write sweet chapter with romantic makeup look.GUERLAIN has chosen the Legendary Queen Red lipstick collection as her own gift, using classic red to show off GUERLAIN’s 100 years of style and individuality.The LA BOUCHE ROUGE New Year limited collection is a great gift for women who like their taste in a niche, enhanced with high-texture makeup.Or for light outfit she chooses dish of multi-purpose BURBERRY festival limits colour makeup dish, make festal atmosphere makeup look easily, appreciate brand show field zhen tide element.Charming fragrance, engraved memory perfect holiday look is also indispensable to wear a unique fragrance, with the smell of love to convey secret words, retain the romantic atmosphere of the olfactory memory.To open an immersive experience: for him, you can start with fresh and light bergamot, and then tone the warm and mellow wood tone to set off the vibrant aroma of BURBERRY’s brave Heart men’s eau de cologne;It can also be a timeless classic, allowing the wanton freedom of his own charm HERMES earth male fragrance.To her, sincerely selected BYREDO Primary Rose Pale Fragrance Collector’s Edition, with the traditional, unconventional fragrance engraved with a unique and delicate happy time;LIQUIDES IMAGINAIRES, the top artistic fragrance brand in Paris, is a niche fragrance co-led by experience designers and aroma philosophers. Through the aroma experience created by the sense of smell, the story behind each fragrance is delivered.Shining jewelry is a romantic confession that every girl can’t refuse.Lane Crawford selects a collection of heart-shaped jewelry to add a touch of tenderness to a sweet Valentine’s Day.From Belgian designer brand AS29, through the modern three-dimensional, full of unique insights and exquisite artistic aesthetics of exquisite pieces, widely loved by customers;The newly introduced exclusive brand MARLA AARON uses heart-shaped lock design to inherit the rich feelings and traditions of Victorian and Georgian times;ROBERTO COIN, an Italian brand, creates elegant, romantic and imaginative works with exquisite craftsmanship. The heart is inlaid with diamonds and gems, showing exquisite style and artistic beauty.SUZANNE KALAN, a jewelry brand from Los Angeles, is good at the subtle collision between the original atmosphere of gemstones and modern inlay technology. The brand’s signature baguette cutting technology is used to stagger diamonds, bringing a romantic and dreamy yet luxurious and exquisite style.GENTLE DIAMONDS is the exclusive brand of Lane Crawford that brings a touch of exquisite luxury to our lab-grown, colorful DIAMONDS that sparkle with elegance in every detail.Interpretation of romantic, bold show of love, Lane Crawford presents gift inspiration, full of love sweet hit, invite you to deduce sincerely.Lane Crawford was founded in 1850 to create a seamless shopping experience by connecting all physical stores with global online stores with a “connected commerce” strategy.Lane Crawford has a strategic presence in 8 major outlets in Hong Kong SAR, Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu and 1 global online store.Lane Crawford has become the first omni-channel boutique retailer by launching an online flagship store capable of global delivery.Lane Crawford is the largest collection of designer brands, including women’s clothing, men’s clothing, cosmetics, home and fashion products and high-end jewelry, more than 800 international brands on display.In the market dominated by leasing mode, Lane Crawford’s wholesale mode and direct brand cooperation mode are unique in the industry.Its innovative store environment integrates fashion, design, art and music perfectly, and it also establishes the authority of the industry by constantly upgrading the personalized service to optimize the customer experience.Lane Crawford’s innovative retail concepts and designs, as well as its creative solutions and visual marketing, are regarded as industry benchmarks and have received many prestigious international awards, including the American Retail Federation’s International Award, selected by industry leaders worldwide.LANE CRAWFORD is part of THE LANE CRAWFORD JOYCE GROUP, one of Asia’s leading international fashion and lifestyle brands.The group’s businesses include lane Crawford, a leading luxury department store;JOYCE, premium brand store;PEDDER GROUP, a boutique for shoes, handbags and accessories;Imaginex Group, brand management and distribution company for fashion, beauty and lifestyle retail.With nearly 170 years of trading experience, THE LANE CRAWFORD JOYCE GROUP builds its own branded businesses through partnerships with companies that are industry leaders in their respective fields.Group business covers high-end fashion department stores and boutiques, brand stores, e-commerce platform and omni-channel sales network.Welcome to visit Lane Crawford’s official website or official wechat account LANECRAWFORDOFFICIAL with two-dimensional (QR) codes

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