2022 Qi Yang City education work will be held

Today yongzhou news (correspondent Wu Binbin) February 12, 2022 Qi Yang City education work conference held.The meeting earnestly implements the qi Yang municipal committee economic work conference spirit, reviews and summarizes the whole city’s education work in 2021, arranges to deploy the education work in 2022.To mobilize the whole city to further emancipate the mind, do solid work, strive for excellence, with more confidence, stronger motivation, stronger atmosphere, speed up the construction of hunan’s modern education city, promote the high-quality development of the city’s education, and strive to do a good job in the people’s satisfaction education.Qi Yang municipal standing committee, propaganda minister Wu Dongtao attended the meeting and speech, Qi Yang City deputy mayor Zhou Zhenlin chaired the meeting.The meeting pointed out that in 2021, the city’s public finance expenditure on education will reach 1.371 billion yuan, accounting for about 25% of the public finance budget expenditure, an increase of 4.74% year-on-year in 2020, realizing the “three growth” targets.The four leaders of the city took the lead, and the municipal departments helped contact the school with 12.98 million yuan, and solved more than 140 practical difficulties.We invested 6.35 million yuan to complete the construction of affiliated projects of 6 public parks including Maozhu Town Central Kindergarten.It invested 110 million yuan to build Baishuizhen Furong School, and implemented 13 schools under the project of “thin reform and ability improvement”.A total of 18.29 million yuan has been invested in the construction of seven basic projects, including qiyang No. 1 Middle School teachers’ public rental housing. Pugao Has better operating conditions.In 2021, there will be 3,237 undergraduate students in the city, including 1,599 special undergraduate students, 5 of whom will be admitted to Tsinghua university and Peking University.The number of vocational secondary school students in The city has exceeded 10,600, and the college entrance examination rate has ranked first in the province for 11 consecutive years.On how to do a good job in education this year, Wu Dongtao pointed out: to emancipate the mind to grasp education, crack the dilemma of educational development, pay attention to the implementation of the work.We will strive to push all educational work in 2022 and even the 14th Five-Year Plan to a new level.In the past year, under the correct leadership of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, Qi Yang education system closely around the creation of “Hunan modern education famous city” strategic goals, grasp the difficulties, bear as, the city’s educational reform and development fruitful, bright spots.The Party and government attached greater importance to education, increased investment in education, made new breakthroughs in education reform, and improved the quality of education.Wu dongtao called for strengthening weak links and strengthening new driving forces for education reform and development.Further improve school conditions, strengthen the construction of teachers, strengthen mental health education, pay attention to campus culture construction.We must work hard to create a new situation in educational reform and development.Resolutely implement the decisions and arrangements of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), make efforts to provide education that the people are satisfied with, and strive to create a new situation in the development of the city’s education cause.To further strengthen the leadership of the Party, strengthen planning guidance, to promote the “double reduction”, improve the quality of education and teaching, to ensure campus safety.To promote the quality of education and teaching to achieve new breakthroughs, the construction of hunan modern education city flag higher, the Qi Yang education brand wipe more bright, to accelerate the economic and social development of the city to contribute to the wisdom of education and strength!Before the meeting, the participants watched a special film on the supervision of the city’s education system in 2021.The meeting also read out the “Qi Yang City Education bureau on the commendation of the city’s education system 2021 annual performance evaluation assessment and other advanced units of the decision”, and the 2021 year the city’s education system special contribution award and the city’s education system performance evaluation award winners were awarded.Vocational secondary school, Xiao Jia town middle school, village dian town central primary school principal made a typical speech.Guanyin beach town education management center, yangjiao Pond town a principal made a statement.

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