Attention!Jingmen city new 6 surveillance!There is also a section of limited time one-way!

On enabling the announcement of new electronic monitoring equipment To further strengthen the traffic safety management, effectively prevent and reduce road traffic accidents, according to the law of the People’s Republic of China on road traffic safety law of the People’s Republic of China on road traffic safety law implementation regulations “and” the road traffic offence handler sets “and other laws and regulations,Jingmen Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment decided to use new electronic monitoring equipment.The relevant information is hereby announced as follows: 1. Specific location 2. Time of operation: 0:00, February 18, 2022.Please strictly abide by road traffic safety laws and regulations, maintain safe speed, to ensure safe travel.Hereby announce.Jingmen, public security bureau traffic police detachment on February 14, 2022, further optimization and adjustment of fuqian street and traffic organization minister, lane’s announcement to further ease downtown road traffic congestion, convenient citizens to travel to the greatest extent, by the field investigation, according to the law of the People’s Republic of China on road traffic safety “and other laws and regulations,It is decided to further optimize and adjust the traffic organization of Fuqian Street and Changbei Lane from February 23, 2022.1. During morning and evening rush hours from 7:00 to 8:30, 17:00 to 18:30, motor vehicles are prohibited to run from north to south on Fuqian Street (only from zhongtian Street to Xiangshan Avenue after one-way traffic from south to north is allowed), and two-way traffic will be resumed in other hours.2. The one-way traffic measures of Changbei Lane will be lifted and two-way traffic will be resumed, but it is still forbidden to turn left when entering Changning Avenue from east to west.3. Anyone who violates the provisions of the traffic ban sign will be punished by using electronic monitoring equipment.This is to inform Traffic Police Detachment of Jingmen Public Security Bureau on February 15, 2022

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