Four dynasties veteran Xu Mengtao’s persistence: February 14 will be my eternal anniversary

Xu Mengtao celebrates after the match.Special correspondent Wan Nan photo 16 years of persistence, once a dream.On February 14, Xu Mengtao, a veteran of the four Olympic dynasties, finally fulfilled her dream.Xu Mengtao scored 108.61 points in the women’s freestyle aerials final to win her first Olympic gold medal and the fifth for The Chinese sports delegation.”I won my first Olympic gold medal, my first Olympic medal and my first World Cup title on February 14,” she said excitedly at a post-match press conference.February 14 will always be my anniversary.”Xu Mengtao gave up her second jump after jumping 103.89 points in the first round of the women’s freestyle aerials final.This, she said, was a deliberate tactic.”As the heats and finals were held on the same day, it was important to conserve my energy, and when I saw the score of the first jump, I felt that I had almost secured my place for the second round.At that time, I decided to rest a little bit more, recover a little bit more energy, so I can play better in the second round.It turned out to be a successful strategy.”Xu Mengtao in the competition.Xu mengtao also said that the Chinese media and volunteers who were watching the event gave her a lot of strength.”In the second round of the final, when the Belarusian scored 107.95 points, I still felt a little pressure.But when I saw the volunteers cheering me on, MY heart calmed down because I believed that with their support I could do it, and then I had the perfect second jump.”In addition, Xu mengtao also revealed that today’s final was an immersive final for her.”I did a lot of mental building up before the final.When I step on the court for the final, I am totally into the action and no one, no situation can affect me.At that time, I only thought about the jump, as for the result, I did not think much about.”Four years ago at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Xu Mengtao made a major mistake in the women’s freestyle aerials qualification and finished ninth.”I was really ready to give up.Pyeongchang four years ago was really a turning point for me.”Xu mengtao said, especially after returning to China, she immediately had two legs meniscus surgery, which made her countless times have the idea of giving up.”When I was in the hospital bed, looking at my leg, I was thinking at that moment, should I make it to Beijing?Because if IT’s going to be four more years, can I do it?”Xu Mengtao stood on the podium.Fortunately, she insisted on freestyle skiing, so that she finally persevered.”Since I was five years old, I believed that ONE day I would stand on the Olympic podium.That’s what keeps me going.”Xu said that when her meniscus healed and she returned to training and looked at her hard-working teammates, she made up her mind to continue for another four years.”Now, I really want to say to myself four years ago, thank you, Xu Mengtao, for not giving up your efforts, thank you for not giving up your favorite freestyle skiing.”At the event, a reporter showed Xu a short video recorded in advance by her parents.When Xu Mengtao heard her father say, “Daddy is proud of you.”Tears again filled her eyes, which had been calm.”I really appreciate my parents, especially my father.He was a serious man who rarely encouraged me, but I knew he loved me, and it was his and my mother’s selfless love that made me this far.”Xu mengtao said that when the Olympics are over, she will first go home and eat more dumplings with her parents.Xu also thanked all her netizens for their support.”In my spare time during the training, I also read the comments from netizens. I was touched when I saw all the blessings they sent to me to win the gold medal as soon as possible.At this moment, I want to say to them, as long as you keep trying, God will surely love you.”Finally, Xu mengtao also said that February 14 was a special day for her.”On February 14, 2009, I won my first World Cup title at the Aerials World Cup in Moscow.On February 14, 2014, Russian local time, I won my first Olympic medal in my life in the freestyle skiing aerials final of the Sochi Winter Olympics.Eight years later, I won my first Olympic gold medal in Beijing.February 14 will always be my anniversary.”

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