Ganzhou Comprehensive Security Zone held the 2021 work summary commendation and 2022 work mobilization meeting

On January 29, Ganzhou Comprehensive Security Zone held the 2021 work summary commendation and 2022 work pep meeting. Wen Rongxi, deputy Secretary of the District Party Working Committee and director of the management Committee attended the meeting and made a speech.All cadres and workers of Ganzhou comprehensive security Zone attended the meeting.District leader Chen Huahong presided over.At the meeting, the district leader Xie Weidong read out the “Ganzhou Comprehensive Free Trade Zone in 2022 Investment Promotion Work Plan”, and the district leader Chen Huahong read out and notified the relevant commendation decision.Wen stressed that in 2021, we have made “three new highs”, “three improvements” and “three breakthroughs” with tenacity and hard work to write a new chapter of development.Major indicators such as import and export, contracted capital and cross-border e-commerce volume reached three new highs, highlighting the undertone of opening-up.The industry is thriving, the project construction is in full swing, the support capacity is steadily improving, the platform development has achieved three improvements, and the development foundation is more solid.A number of new policies were implemented, including the opening of ganzhou-ASEAN cross-border through train, the official opening of cross-border e-commerce model 9710, and the classification of storage goods according to their status. Three breakthroughs were made in reform and innovation, and the driving force of innovation became stronger.While seeing the achievements and experience, we should also be aware that there are still some problems such as fewer leading enterprises in large projects and slow implementation of projects.All the cadres and workers in the district should concentrate their efforts, carry forward the Outan spirit of “innovation, hard work, pro-business, striving to be the first”, find the right position, make up for the shortcomings, and strive to create a new situation of work.Wen Rongxi called for a high degree of political and action consciousness in 2022, in-depth study and implementation of the central, provincial, municipal and economic development zones of the spirit of decision-making and deployment, closely follow the “three strategies and eight actions”, focus on “opening up, expanding industries, strengthening security” development ideas.Efforts should be made to implement the Development Goals, Tasks, Paths and Measures of Ganzhou Comprehensive Security Zone in the next Two Years (2022-2023), and make every effort to improve the energy level of Ganzhou Comprehensive Security Zone.Strive to achieve “two rank forward, three substantial growth, four rapid promotion”.Focus on the theme of development, to grasp the project as the lead to raise energy level.Focus on attracting investment “no. 1 project”.Establish dispatching mechanism, scientific arrangement of work, strengthen training and guidance, quickly set off a strong atmosphere of attracting investment and focusing on projects, to ensure the completion of 50 industrial projects throughout the year.We must hold fast to the “lifeline” of industrial development.Based on the characteristics and advantages of Ganzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone, promote the development and expansion of bonded processing, bonded trade and bonded logistics.We need to ignite a “strong engine” for project construction.We will strengthen scheduling, speed up project progress, turn “paper projects” into “above-ground projects,” and see that a number of key projects are completed and put into operation.Focus on opening up the main line, to promote linkage as a starting point to seek new bureau.We should strengthen cooperation with ports in the Greater Bay Area.To implement the strategy of docking and integrating into the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, accelerate the pace of integration into the Bay Area, and strengthen joint cooperation with ports in the Greater Bay Area in terms of business models and business collaboration.Accelerate the construction of Ganzhou airport Industrial Park.Build the second phase of ganzhou Comprehensive insurance Zone with the fastest speed and high quality, explore the development of airport economy, strengthen industrial import, and build the airport industry into the new development driving pole of Ganzhou Comprehensive insurance Zone.Focus on service theme, strong support oriented by excellent environment.We will further expand bonded groups.Adhere to market-oriented operation, improve the operation mechanism, expand the business scope, and achieve a total assets of 10 billion yuan in 2022, the main business income of 1.2 billion yuan.In financing, project construction, comprehensive service capacity and other aspects to provide strong support for ganzhou comprehensive security zone level improvement.We will improve supporting policies.We will give full play to the guiding role of policies, promptly revise and improve policies supporting foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce, and accelerate their implementation and effectiveness.Implementing targeted services.We will implement mechanisms such as government-enterprise roundtable meetings and “Enterprise Service Days”, focus on removing bottlenecks, further optimize procedures and simplify procedures in policy implementation and foreign trade services, and ensure that enterprises provide more accurate and effective services.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in a timely manner.Email address:

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