Independent satellite positioning +AMOLED large screen, only 379 yuan, good news for smart wearers?

I believe you must be familiar with Redmi. With its high cost performance and solid mass base, it has its own position in the mobile phone industry now.However, many people only focus on the hot mobile products and forget about Redmi’s smart wearables.In this chapter, M takes a look at the recently released Redmi Watch2.In appearance, the Redmi Watch2 continues the design of the previous generation, and the theme of this generation is still small and light, so the watch only weighs 31GB, which is 4g less than the previous generation of Redmi Watch1, and almost feels no sensation on the hand.No matter how smart watches, it still is the first use of decoration, Redmi Watch2 besides small and light, its appearance is also very high, look around the this watch, you will find this watch button and hole is very little, around the border of only one strip crown, this makes the watch looks more simple fashion.The screen is certainly a big upgrade. The Redmi Watch2 has a 1.6-inch AMOLED screen, so the bezels are less visible on a black background, making up for the previous generation’s lack of a screen.The AMOLED screen, however, has a wider chin, which affects the overall aesthetics of the watch to some extent.In addition, the Screen of Redmi Watch2 also has a big disadvantage, which is that it only supports 30Hz refresh rate, so it will feel a little bit sluggish in use, but can be ignored after getting used to it.As a smartwatch, exercise and fitness monitoring is undoubtedly the most important feature, so in addition to the screen upgrade, the Redmi Watch2 also features exercise and fitness monitoring.The machine supports 117 kinds of motion modes, including most mainstream motion, and with sensors, it can accurately detect various data of the body during motion, as well as information such as exercise duration and consumption, helping users improve the efficiency of motion.The Redmi Watch2 also includes oxygen saturation as an important indicator of your health, allowing you to monitor your health anytime, anywhere and provide data for reference.The Redmi Watch2 also has a separate satellite location chip, so it can track movement without the phone, something the previous generation didn’t have.Supporting beidou, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo four global satellite positioning systems.Overall, the Redmi Watch2 is well positioned and priced to match.As for battery life, the Redmi Watch2 comes with a 225mAh battery, which lasts up to 12 days in normal use, though it’s a bit of a shame that the battery life is halved when fully switched on.It’s worth noting that the Redmi Watch2 has also been upgraded to use magnetic charging, which is much easier than its predecessor.The Redmi Watch2 is not so much a smartwatch as a large trumpeter bracelet, and the watch’s features confirm that conclusion.In general, the Redmi Watch2 is light in weight and good in appearance. It has almost all the features, but it has the refresh rate of the screen.If you want to experience smart wearable products, then Redmi Watch2 is a good choice, after all, its price is only 379 yuan, still very user-friendly.

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