Jialing is considered fat by her own sister!Is going to the toilet by a sister kick on the ground, brother-in-law ran into the fence

01 after the famous Jia Ling in a program broke the story of this embarrassing sister, sister called Jia Dan, a word to describe this sister is: she is too snobbish!Gu Ling famous before it’s fat, for example, in the Spring Festival gala on eight years ago, of course Gu Ling don’t know at that time, my family more do not know once Gu Lingzheng squat toilet pit in the old solution, as they are brewing, close elder sister came over, stood at the door of the bathroom, two arm a kick a despised eyes look to the Gu Ling, reason is that feel the sister is so fat,How could she be red if she was so fat?02 Jia Ling is also very embarrassed about this, but also her own rescue said that the thigh root is thicker?But the close elder sister does not feel funny, but also make fun of younger sister so fat is to give home disgrace, all of a sudden the sisters said not to deal with, the result of the in-law come up with the clash as a, once squat jia Ling to kick down……This is Gu Ling my memory, she is 27 years old that year, when his family heard the sisters began after the quarrel, intelligible, but because the local in the toilet, also dare not upset them dad come in, the feeling be nasty under brother-in-law was running came in, come in, of course, want to stop 2 sisters fight, but it makes difficult Gu Ling 03 Gu Ling recall after seeing is brother-in-law rushed in, scared she hurriedly put on his pants,After that, he blamed his father for not rushing into the fence.The father embarrassedly said he dare not.This lets jia Ling recall after many years still feel very lose face however different now, oneself become big star, figure more capricious than before, weight also than before fat 40 50 catties, but close elder sister describe her time again, not say to give family lose face, and say chubby quite lovely……So, the elder sister is kind of snobbery, before Gu Ling with elder sister went to a show, 2 sisters look very like, sister also has two small pear vortex, posture and some fat, probably with popular Gu Ling fat 04 almost see here before people may think elder sister is too much, that but in fact the elder sister is very love Gu Ling,I guess kicking her in the manger was just a way of hating her sister, huh?Want to know the Gu Linggang mixed up in Beijing after graduation, the elder sister don’t worry we know less Gu Ling is graduated from central academy of drama, at that time to safely enter oneself for an examination, the two major drama specialty and crosstalk show, have passed examination, the final admissions to call Gu Ling at home, ask her what to choose which professional, home mother answers the phone,When jia wrong sounds cool to his daughter chose crosstalk professional, also the important node of 05 change Gu Ling life although graduated from famous universities, but just graduated, Gu Ling mix is very bad, even oneself all keep not to live, the Gu Ling’s sister is a presenter, work fine, worried about my sister mix development not bottom go to persuaded him to go home,And with their relationship to she told road toll collector found a job, it is said that pay at that time, there are more than three thousand, though not many, but it’s ok to keep herself Gu Ling also move, finally ready to donate bedclothes to go home, before he left, she still feels it to leave teacher feng gong to make a phone call, and who knows is the phone call, and changed her life because of feng gong told of the difficulty of the Gu Ling,Called back immediately for his sister, said after Gu Ling in Beijing to eat in his bag, then begin with Gu Ling show everywhere, even in a benefit performance will be on my own to Gu Ling some wage 06 Spring Festival gala is also recommended to help her, indeed since the Spring Festival gala on the fate of the Gu Ling began to shift, although now more fat is not beautiful,But her funny ability and variety effect is deeply loved by everyone, surely sister see this time sister will feel gratified?Jia Ling is a grateful person, even if her sister kicked her foot, she will not hold a grudge in her heart, because only a deep love will be responsible, just the awkward meeting with her brother-in-law, I guess no one can bear to think of that scene, right?Now, Jia Ling’s mother has passed away, and this sister is the closest woman in her life. What do you think of Jia Ling’s life?

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