“Network marketing 100 lectures” 003: How to achieve effective promotion

For network promotion, promotion methods are very many, but promotion “push” is a part of, and to achieve the purpose of “wide”, then the effectiveness of promotion is very necessary.We should know that the core of promotion still lies in the content of promotion — only high-quality content can bring effective information to users and provide effective information to the audience, which is the promotion that the target group wants.To achieve effective promotion, the promotion channel and content are equally important, so the promotion channel plus high-quality content is an effective way of promotion.For different products and services, the selection of promotion channels and the planning adopted will be different, the choice of promotion channels is not the same.So at present, what are the common promotion channels?1. Offline promotion also includes: electricity sales, push, send leaflets, pull banners, paste advertising and other common ways of obvious, we in ordinary life, for these promotion messages is basically “hide”, you can imagine the effect of this kind of promotion is not ideal.2. The network marketing in today’s big data age of the Internet, BBS, blog promotion, baidu promotion, social marketing, video marketing forms of marketing channels, such as novel, and large flow, for today’s “fast” life, perhaps some seem to be just a flash in the pan, but if you can catch people’s attention in an instant, then there should be a great deal of possible promotion.However, it is worth noting that, whether online or offline, what promoters like most is a place with large and active people flow, so it is very important to choose a suitable place or website.And for the main body of promotion – content, and what is worth paying attention to?The promotion content can be divided into two parts: brand and effect.For the brand, belongs to the strategic marketing.It mainly focuses on promoting the brand awareness of the product and creating sales by bringing long-term reputation and users’ attention to the brand content.In the process of brand promotion, the success of many products benefits from massive advertising and product packaging with poor information. “Quantitative change leads to qualitative change”. When users only have relevant associations about products, services and prices in their brain, it can be said that you have succeeded more than half of the time.The effect is tactical marketing.Take the effect of the product as a guide to do a marketing for the target group of the product, often in the form of examples, so that the target group will have a certain amount of trust in the effect of the product, and then consumption.Brand and effect are interrelated and different from each other.Effect marketing is helpful for brand promotion, but brand promotion is more than the category of effect marketing.And a good promotion content, often can achieve the unity of quality and effect.This can not only reduce the output of resources, but also maximize the realization of the purpose, which is the most effective promotion.

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