Trading is easy to “head”, how to do?

Some people ask, trading always fall in love with the head, can not control the bill, also can not hold the bill and so on, how to do?I told him not to eat too much.At first glance, I thought I was saying he was full.It’s not.It’s just a life lesson for me.Many of our modern problems are rooted in satiety.There is only one worry before one is full, but after one is full, there will be thousands of troubles.At present, almost the vast majority of people in Our country are not malnourished, often are overnourished.According to statistics, the amount of money people spend on losing weight each year is enough to feed and clothe hungry countries in the world.Such is the world’s wobble.)After we eat, as a result of sugar, protein and other nutrition intake, people’s various desires will be enhanced.This is what the ancients said.Our understanding of “sex” is not just literal, but all kinds of unreasonable desires.Do business, if the desire to lead the nose, the loss is written on the face.I went on a diet to lose weight and ate less every day.In this process, I found that my mood has become calm, people do not have too many inexplicable ideas.It’s not quite as jubilant as usual, but it’s actually good for trading.Can follow the rules, not rebellious and restless.In general, people become more honest when they consume fewer calories.(Of course, not too low, such as completely cut the carbon, is a health joke, just eat less every meal.)This is my personal experience, a bit one-sided in theory, not necessarily suitable for everyone, we refer to.Don’t eat too much, itself is also a kind of wisdom.Many people eat a meal to the throat to stop, a paragraph of market to get the highest point from the lowest point to be satisfied.How a “greedy” word get.But sometimes, no amount of truth is as direct as some physiological changes.For instance some mental patient, the doctor tells reason to him is impossible, direct electric shock effect is better.(Of course, I don’t mean that there are many mental patients in the market, not at all.I am always elegant and easy-going, never Yin and Yang strange tone.Some people get it all right, but they keep losing deals. It’s probably because they eat too much, they have too much energy and too much desire.Trading requires extreme calm and composure to execute every strategy.If the market as a place to vent their energy and desire, it is to spend a lot of money, not to enjoy the service, but also painful things.Vent or to find the right object.The market is not a beauty, but an elephant, don’t think you can, say on the top.A lot of people, up, can’t get down.There are a lot of people, down, down.Please take care of yourself when you come out to play.

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