What is the real economy

The real economy is the total value of goods produced in a country.It is an economy created on earth by people using tools through their minds.It includes economic activities such as production and circulation of material and spiritual goods and services.1. The real economy of China is different from that of the Western accounting common sense.Theoretically, the boundaries of primary, secondary and tertiary industries are clear.As a matter of fact, under the reform of state-owned enterprises and rural areas, China’s primary, secondary and tertiary industries have developed across borders, with mixed industries and diversified forms of business, blurring the boundaries.Especially the tertiary industry, from underdeveloped to increasingly mature development.2. The real economy refers to the economic activities engaged in the production and management of material resources.The real economy is undoubtedly the real economy first, but it seems not limited to the real economy.Some economic activities that serve the real economy, such as product and technology research and development, marketing, after-sales service, employee training, etc., also seem to be included in the real economy.3. As far as the real economy is concerned, its inherent attribute should refer to the economic activities that meet people’s material needs and provide material information guarantee for people’s basic necessities of life.According to the historical materialist view that material existence determines social consciousness, real economic activity is higher in importance than any other economic activity.

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