When I came across Wallace and his wife taking their daughter shopping for dinner, the Internet user revealed their love: Xinru smiled as if they were madly in love

Recently, two netizens came across Wallace and his family shopping for dinner. It seems that Wallace is enjoying his daily family life more and more. At present, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.A net friend saw Lin Xinru in the street, she was wearing a designer coat with jeans, wearing a black mask, the whole person appears thin and tall, her daughter is beside Xinru, with long hair up to waist, plait two braids, temperament like the TV drama inside the “princess”, a family of three appearance level is very high.Wallace huo does not dare to get too close to his wife and daughter. After all, it is easy for the public to see the two stars together.He took the lead, about two cars away from his wife and daughter, looking over his shoulder in case they weren’t following.When ruby took her daughter out when she was three years old, she already walked like this: Ruby took her into a store, and Wallace couldn’t find anyone. Netizens said that Hua ge looked puzzled, as if to say: Where are my wife and daughter?Soon ruby and her daughter come out to join Wallace.Another netizen saw Wallace huo and Ruby Lin taking their daughter to dinner at a restaurant.Netizens said xinru is very generous, not secretive.It’s probably because the local media have always respected the couple, and every time they get a picture of a “good girl”, they blur it.Netizens also noticed that Xinru smiled like a woman in love and felt that she and Wallace were very happy in private.Although no photos of Wallace huo and his family were taken by netizens, photos of the three of them were published in January this year when Darling celebrated her fifth birthday.Wallace and Ruby invited the “darling” students and their parents to the party. They were very busy entertaining guests during their daughter’s birthday party. At one point, The “darling” was photographed crying and needing a hug from her mother.At that birthday party, Ruby’s English name Amelia was first revealed to the media at the age of five, but the Chinese name has been kept secret so far.In addition, “darling” this nickname, is only last year by Ruby Lin informed the media.Previously, the outside world had always called her “little dolphin”, because Xinru’s nickname is “dolphin”, so fans gave her daughter the name “little dolphin”.Every time “Darling” was photographed, the media blurred her face, except for one incident when Chen Jianzhou, a black man, showed her face in the video at a party with Wallace Huo’s family.Chen quickly deleted the video, but his deletion also confirmed that the girl was indeed a “good girl.”After that, the Couple didn’t seem to hang out with Chen anymore.Last year, Taiwan media photographed Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo arguing in the street. After the argument, Wallace huo left first, while Ruby sat in the street in a light rain.At the time, Internet users were worried that their marriage was in trouble, but Xinru was quick to dispel rumors that the couple were just “discussing problems.”Now, from the details of the encounter, we can see that the couple are really happy, and I believe that some minor quarrels will not affect their relationship.

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