A shares: Liusteel Shares, Shentong Express and other 5 important announcements!

At the 11th meeting of the 8th board of Directors of Liuzhou Iron and Steel Co., LTD., a motion was passed to add Mr. Wu Danwei as the deputy general manager of the company. Mr. Tan Shaodong resigned from the position of deputy general manager of the company due to his job change.According to the Company Law, the Articles of Association and other relevant provisions, Mr. Wu Danwei was nominated by the general manager and approved by the nomination Committee of the board of directors as the eighth deputy General Manager of Liuzhou Iron and Steel Co., LTD. The term of office shall start from the date of approval of the board of directors and end of the eighth term of the board of Directors.The independent director has issued an independent opinion agreeing with the proposal.Ii. Zhejiang Power 600023:Announcement on The Establishment of Special Fund to Invest in Weining Energy and Related Party Transactions Zhejiang Zheneng Electric Power Co., Ltd. deliberated and passed the Proposal on the Establishment of Special Fund to Invest in Weining Energy and Related Party Transactions at the ninth meeting of the fourth Board of Directors.Zhejiang Zheneng Electric Power intends to establish a special fund with Zhejiang Zheneng Puhua Equity Investment Co., LTD and Zhejiang New Energy Investment Group Co., LTD to participate in the private placement of Guizhou Jinyuan Weining Energy Co., LTD., with an investment of 310,810,800 shares and an investment amount of 459,999,984 yuan.Both Zhejiang Power And Zhejiang New Energy are the holding subsidiaries of Zhejiang Energy Group Co., LTD. Cao Lu, general manager, financial officer and secretary of the board of Directors of Zhejiang Power Serves as chairman of Zhejiang Power Price, and Zhejiang Power, Zhejiang Power Price and Zhejiang New Energy jointly establish a special fund to invest in Weining Energy and constitute a related party transaction.In 2021, the company is expected to achieve operating revenue of 24.10 billion yuan to 26.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 11.75% to 22.88%;Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is expected to be -840 million yuan to -950 million yuan.Approved by China Pacific Accounting Firm (special general partnership), the company’s profit available for distribution by the parent company in 2021 is -99.41 million yuan, and the profit available for distribution in the consolidated statement is -28,537 million yuan.Information disclosure according to the shenzhen stock exchange motherboard business memo no. 1 – a period report disclosure relevant matters in the relevant provisions of the profit distribution, according to the consolidated and parent reports available for allocation principle of profit is low, the board of directors proposed profit distribution plan is as follows: the company 2021 annual not distributing cash dividends, don’t send bonus, not with accumulation fund turn add equity.5. Sifang 601126: Notice of Resolution at the 20th meeting of the sixth Board of Directors of Sifang Considers and approves the Proposal on Investing and Participating in CNP, and agrees that the Company will use its own capital RMB 45.925 million yuan to increase the capital of CNP, after which the Company will acquire 20% of the equity of CNP.The company has not yet signed the relevant agreement or paid the investment fund. The relevant progress will be disclosed after the formal agreement is signed.This investment does not involve related party transactions and does not constitute a major asset reorganization.Shorting is also a kind of operation, and it is the most difficult one;A very big reason for losing money is that there are stocks all the time, empty warehouse is to look for a point, only to see a big opportunity to move, otherwise would rather give up!Short positions or a realm, it can even determine the success of your investment career!Dear, praise is the greatest encouragement to the author, please pay attention to Wenqutang with your good luck.I will share stock market knowledge every day, thank you!

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