Branch joint construction + volunteer service, county party committee politics and Law committee to help improve the rural living environment

According to the requirements of the county Party Committee and the county government to carry out the renovation of rural living environment, the political and legal committee of the county Party Committee concluded the renovation of the living environment of Huailingling Village, Chenlinzi Town, Baolian County.Recently, the county political and legal committee actively responded to the call, in the form of “branch joint construction + volunteer service” to help the happy Mountain village living environment renovation work on the steps.On February 13, Yu Guoping, executive deputy secretary of the Politics and Law Committee of the County Party Committee, led some party members to helling Village to carry out joint branch construction activities with the village party branch.Activities, happy ling village party branch secretary introduced the village situation and the progress of human settlements renovation work, Yu Guoping said the county political and legal committee as happy Ling village human settlements renovation package unit, will support from personnel strength, financial assistance and other aspects, help happy Ling village strive for the city’s human settlements innovation award.After the joint construction activity, Yu Guoping and his party inspected the difficulties, blocking points and leakage points of the living environment renovation of each village group along the road and put forward suggestions on the renovation.On February 14, the county political and legal committee organized more than 10 party members and cadres to form a volunteer service team, came to Happy Mountain village with the village cadres, cleaners and the masses to carry out voluntary service activities of living environment renovation.Volunteers group self-provided shovels, brooms, rakes, snakeskin bag, etc. Work tools, go deep into the happy ridge village road, the groups with excavator in shoulder escort, carefully clean the road debris, garbage, deciduous, to clear roads on both sides of the small garden, weeds, branches, etc., take concrete actions to boost the rural residential environment renovation works carried out smoothly.In the process of the activity, the volunteers also issued leaflets to the villagers for the improvement of the living environment, guiding everyone to take the initiative to participate in the improvement of the living environment, actively develop civilized habits, and build a beautiful home together with practical actions.

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