Di Sha, deputy secretary of Changli County Party Committee and head of Changli County visited the poverty-stricken people and special groups

A few days ago, Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee and County Head Disha came to Shilipu Township, on behalf of the county Party Committee and the county government to visit the destitute people and privileged groups, and sent them New Year’s greetings and best wishes.In the second village of Zhang Gezhuang, Shilipu township, Disha visited the destitute masses Wang Penghe and Yang Shutian and sent them condolence money and gifts.Sympathy, DiSha carefully check the most needy in preparation for the housing environment and the necessities of the masses, and their intimate broad, details about their family situation, physical condition, economic income, living expenses and the facing problems, seriously listen to their appeals, encourage them to enhance confidence in the New Year, to overcome the difficulties.Disha asked the accompanying staff to solve the practical difficulties of families and daily life for the people in extreme poverty, and implement various policies in place so that they can enjoy a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.Subsequently, Di Sha came to the special care object Li Zhisheng, Liu Shuren home, to extend holiday greetings and cordial sympathy to them, and give them to send condolence gold and oil, rice and other daily necessities.Everywhere she went, She had cordial conversations with them, inquired about their health and living conditions in detail and thanked them for their contributions to the cause of the Party and the people over the years.She urged relevant departments to take care of their lives and implement the care of the Party and the government.

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