Do kids in the south want to experience the Winter Olympics?Come here to baoshan easily Get the same winter Olympics ice and snow sports!

The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be held at the Bird’s Nest tonight!In Baoshan, there are two ice and snow venues, where you can experience the same ice and snow sports as the Olympic Games in minutes!Southern children regret remedied, peripheral and fun, good, studious of visiting museums, below, will follow the small make up together and see it ~ dense and cool indoor dry snow sports factory experience, circuit simulation of snow mountain stadium snow slope, there is an area of 766 square meters of large-scale drought, the domestic top ski material simulation ski field, dry snow snow degree can reach 90%,Also with a drag function.There are also ski machines to give you the closest skiing experience to the snow, training skills without wearing heavy snow suits.Moreover, the use of ski simulator for teaching safety is higher, more entertaining, independent slope and speed so that beginners can also quickly start!In the simulator area of downhill track, the visual creation of large screen projection, the gravity and vibration effect of mountain simulated by sliding equipment in the process of downhill, makes people feel as if they are in the snow mountain track, are you tempted?Covering an area of nearly 4,000 square meters, Encool Sports Factory provides skiing, high-beam, rock climbing, trampoline and other sports, one-stop for sports, fitness, recreation and other needs.Add: 855 Changjiang West Road, Baoshan District, after a passionate skiing experience, visit the nearby Shanghai Museum of Glass for a visual feast!The new winter holiday activities around the world tour will take you “through time” to learn the history and art of glass.In addition, inside museum is exhibited “colour laboratory: green” also gout showed about green glass “cold knowledge”.Wandering in this “sea of glass”, the bizarre color atmosphere leads us to escape the monotony of winter.Address: No. 685 changjiang West Road, Baoshan District, ICE FAMILY ICE Park is a popular landmark of winter tourism.The indoor real ice rink adopts the international leading ice making technology, but also provides professional ice hockey, figure skating all levels of skating courses and play service, so that more skating fans enjoy the fun on the ice.The new immersive interactive scene and multi-functional new parent-child space in the ice Park are especially suitable for parents to bring their children to experience.Park facilities “cute” full of gas, and cute little sea lion handrails as the “atmosphere group.”Wearing skates and protective gear, babies can dance with “cute animals” on the ice, rotating, jumping, moving forward, turning, and enjoying the fun time on the ice.Besides parent-child entertainment, it is also an ideal place for couples to date and friends to get together.Even novice xiao Bai, under the guidance of professional coach can also skate up, truly realize skating freedom!This winter, come skating together, feel speed and happiness, become the most beautiful star on the ice rink!Add: 1933 Hutai Road, Baoshan District After a fun time on ice, visit the nearby Shanghai Wood Culture Museum to learn about a tree’s past and present life.The wood culture close to life, from the grand to the micro, from the fossil wood to the exquisite carving, from the dazzling vision, to the smell of the smell of wood, all these add a little warmth to this winter trip.Add: No. 2751, Hutai Road, Baoshan District, experience the pleasure and excitement of the same winter Olympic winter Sports, appreciate the history and art of glass and wood, this winter trip combined with the combination of activity and movement, please list it on your schedule!Correspondent: Shi Fan Editor: Xu Shiheng * Reprint please indicate from Shanghai Baoshan official wechat

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