More than 70 percent of Thai hospitals have empty beds for COVID-19 patients, according to the Thai Health Ministry

Thai Website reported that On February 10, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Anutin Revealed that the Thai Ministry of Health has made full preparations for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.Although the number of newly diagnosed cases is now about five times higher than in early 2022, the number of severe cases and deaths has not followed.As severe cases and death rates in Thailand have significantly decreased, attention should be focused on the number of severe cases and deaths.Thailand has introduced home quarantine measures for mild cases, leaving room for hospitals to treat severe cases.Thailand is still implementing VUCA measures in the prevention and control of the epidemic, said Deputy Minister of Health Giyapong.At present, the coverage rate of the third dose of vaccine in Thailand has reached more than 30%, and all parties have cooperated to comply with relevant epidemic prevention measures.As home quarantine was first arranged for patients with mild cases, more than 70% of beds are available in Thailand’s medical system for new coronavirus patients, and hospitals focus on severe cases.Thailand used to have more than 6,000 patients in critical condition and more than 1,200 ICU patients, but now the number of patients in critical condition in Thailand is about 500, and the number of patients on ventilators is about 110, about 10 times less than before, and hospitals are ready to receive more patients.(Credit: Posttoday)

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