Successfully complete the Beijing Winter Olympic Torch relay!These two people from Hubei are amazing

For more highlights,Come to attention in hubei province issued on February 4, on the morning of the Summer Palace in Beijing from its webber comrade of wuhan electric power supply company as a torchbearer 76 high handed over the flame to torch smoothly a torchbearer in the successful completion of the Beijing 2022 Olympic torch relay task to win the scene to watch the cheers of the crowd “of the torch relay for the Beijing 2022 Olympics is not only a torch, is to convey the dream, responsibility and responsibility, lit is not only a flame, but also a spirit and power.As a member of the State Grid who fought on the front line in Wuhan, I know that the Olympic spirit and the great anti-epidemic spirit are integrated. In my future work, I will keep my foot on the job, pursue my dream and motivate myself with the Olympic spirit of Swifter, Higher, stronger and more united.”Wang Bo said after completing the Torch relay for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.Wang Bozeng to wuhan vulcan hill hospital construction, power grid to wuhan after the construction site, fight for 77 days in the outbreak of the first line, cutting edge, protect the personal safety of more than 3000 builders, efficient to protect the safety of supporting more than 100 electric power engineering construction, and its deeds by the People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency and other important media, known as the fire mountain guardians “safe”.He was awarded the National Advanced Individual in Fighting COVID-19, Model Worker of State Grid Co., LTD., Outstanding Communist Party Member of State Grid Co., LTD., wuhan May 1 Labor Medal, etc.After completing the torch relay, Wang will continue to work in Beijing to maintain electricity at the Olympic venues.”Participating in the torch relay is not only a personal honor, but also shows the positive spirit of state Grid employees and their dedication to society,” he said.With the spirit and strength lit by the torch, I will continue to work hard to protect people’s reliable electricity consumption and make new contributions to the development of the company based on my position, passing on my dream and fulfilling my commitment.”On February 2, 2022 on the afternoon of the launch of the torch relay for the Beijing Olympics Olympic Games torch relay in Beijing park, shougang to pass national advanced individual combat COVID – 19 outbreak from wuhan lee lee as a torchbearer in shougang garden stick relay 41 task for 42 contestant number miss lee lee to complete 41 and 42 women, great Olympics torch relay”I was so happy when I heard the news. I felt like I won a lottery,” Jun said.The distance for each person to carry the torch is about 50 meters, which takes about 1 minute to run.The ignition takes 15 seconds, and the actual running time is 45 seconds.I was so happy to be able to run 60 seconds faster than the other runners.”Li Zhengjun, Hubei Wuhan Oil Bosom friend station master.In 2020, during the outbreak of COVID-19, I led all staff of the station to stick to zhiyin Gas Station, which is only one wall away from Huoshenshan Hospital, for more than two months, providing logistics support for the hospital builders and refueling for life rescue.As the appointed station manager of huoshenshan Hospital, Li Zhengjun always sticks to the gas station, providing free fuel for ambulances and other emergency vehicles, and providing free meals and quick meals for ambulance drivers and passengers transferring patients.Li zhengjun said that as the 41st torchbearer of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, I feel very proud at the moment when I hold the torch. What I hold in my hand is responsibility and spirit, and it is the organization that gives me this honor. I will put the torch to hubei Petroleum Anti-epidemic Education Base to let more people feel the Olympic spirit.Source: Hubei Press, Hubei Radio and Television Rong Media News Center

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