The teacher eats latiao in the office, and where do we have to stand?

01 we eat latiao here, they have to stand there!Poor student: The food is confiscated from them!Kill the heart!02 Bing Dwen Dwen: Polite?Poor student: The snow cured dwen Dwen’s dark circles under his eyes for years.Poor student: When faced with a math problem, you write down only one solution…Adults in amusement park are happier than children!Kid: can you be as mature as me!Have a strong sense of self-management…Student with low grades: I showed it to my dog, and he said it was a pose…06 others are skills, he is really fall ah poor grades of students jun: “every time leave always pretend to be relaxed” 07 do not speak martial virtue!Cat: Your horse is born in the year of dog.08 work a year did not earn money, today back to the village, the dog looked down on me, do not let me into the village!Underachiever: It’s asking you for a nucleic acid test report and a health code.09 human cub construction overturned car site poor student jun: the child is quiet, must be a demon!Please add a joke!Poor student: The iron god’s comments are up to you!

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