12 generation I7 processor +140W Full blood RTX3060 Asus SkyPick 3 game book for sale

Core selling points: equipped with 12 generation Core I7-12700H processor, 6 performance cores and 8 energy efficiency cores, 20 threads and 24MB cache;Equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 laptop GPU, 140W full power release, support “dual-display 3-mode” video card switching 2.5K resolution, 165Hz refresh rate, 100% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage, equipped with Adaptive Sync anti-tear technology upgrade glacier cooling architecture,New intelligent mute technology, 84 blade Arc Flow dust-free fan at 22:00 on February 11th, the ASUS Skychoice 3 game book will be launched in # jingdong Rubik’s Cube # new product, go to JINGdong search asus SkyChoice 3 game book, get 6499 yuan!Dimensional warlords armed now!The asus Skychoice 3 game is still full of skill points in terms of strength:14-core 20-thread 12-generation Intel Core I7-12700H processor, based on the new Intel 7 process, endowing Skychoice 3 with abundant combat power;CineBench R20 runs jumped to 697/6993;The highest 4.7ghz core frequency enables skychoice 3 to have high-speed data processing capability.The NVIDIA GeForce RTX3060 graphics card in Skychoice 3 is equally impressive in addition to its high-powered CPU.With 140W power release and 6GB video memory, asus Skychoice 3 is fully loaded on debut.With the help of Tensor Core, RT Core and the like, DLSS2.0 is even more of a black mark.Not only does it give the player better, smoother graphics in Light chase mode, but it also steadily increases frame rate without degrading quality (DLSS support is required).Power consumption and picture quality optimization of the best fit, so that players always hit the “SS” level performance!In order to meet the performance requirements of different scenarios, Asus Skychoice 3 game supports the switch of “dual display and three modes” graphics card, which allows players to seamlessly switch battle modes in the three performance slots of single display, mixed output and integrated display mode.The fully developed Asustek SkyChoice 3 game book is also quite eye-catching on the screen.At 2560*1440 resolution, you can see every detail of the battle scene in ultra hd.With a refresh rate of 165 frames per second and a response delay of 3ms, players are able to lock on to their targets in time and take advantage of the battlefield in a blink of an eye.Just as Xiaoxuan is fresh and beautiful, Asus Sky Selection 3 game book has 100% DCI-P3 color gambit coverage, which can provide rich and broad color space. Professional color adjustment helps Sky Selection fans to easily draw “high-burning paintings”!The upgraded version of the glacier cooling system has a surging inner “core”, but it still needs to suppress energy at critical moments.Asus Skychoice 3 game this time in the heat dissipation system continues the acclaimed glacier cooling system, and on the basis of the previous generation to upgrade:The new Arc Flow twin-fan features 84 more thin blades for higher wind pressure and lower noise, a 13% increase in airflow in and out, and a further increase in cooling efficiency with the help of 5 heat pipes and 4 air outlets.Triple mode switch of quiet, performance and enhancement, full output or quiet rest, Asus SkySelect 3 game can make the most matching cooling strategy for players at any time.Asus Skychoice 3 game book, launched at 22:00 on February 11, realizes the best form combination of “All-powerful Warrior” with high-energy configuration, high-quality display and outstanding heat dissipation.Go to # jingdong Rubik’s Cube #, from 6499 yuan, fans of twice yuan and old friends of Chosun can take back the beautiful and able to play asus Chosun 3 game book!At 0:00 on February 12th, air and Asus Skyselect 3 Dragon will be available for pre-order simultaneously.Available configuration of Skychoice 3: Purchase channel: “Link”

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