Follow the footsteps of the General secretary to feel the warmth delivered by a low-carbon thermal power plant

Follow the Footsteps of the General SecretaryFeel the warmth of a low-carbon thermal power plant transfer xi general secretary are very concerned about the winter heating supply security work on January 27, 2022, in the afternoon he came to shanxi the auspicious light thermoelectric limited liability company research the auspicious light operates two 300000 mw cogeneration unit can provide 24 million square meters of the heating capacity of taiyuan centralized heat supply area is close to 10% of jinzhong setHeating area bring about more than a third of the auspicious light thermal power co., LTD. Shanxi, shanxi is the only province domain transformation of resource-based economy pilot zone jinping general secretary in the central deep change committee meeting in person planning of shanxi energy revolution promoted the comprehensive reform pilot now traditional “coal boss is trying to be” energy revolution “vanguard” general secretary at the auspicious light thermoelectric investigation of specialIt focuses on the conversion of industrial emissions of carbon dioxide into food-grade carbon dioxide through “temperature and pressure variation physical adsorption”, a technology that could be used in carbonated beverage productionBring food preservation by shengli oilfield carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) general secretary of the recent three consecutive domestic investigation focused on the “carbon reduction” – in October last year special understanding of shandong dongying shengli oilfield in the carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) general secretary inspection winter winter paralympic games in Beijing in January for workFor special attention to the co2 critical straight across countries oval cold ice technology bring about national oval straight across the critical carbon dioxide ice cold technology general concerns of the three “carbon reduction” technology has several things in common – innovative fledgling broad prospects for the global resonance bring coal yard in three days ago to visit the auspicious light thermal power in the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee general secretary. 36 times collective learningThe general Secretary also talked about the “linkage of the three reforms” :Reconstruction of coal energy saving carbon reduction flexibility heating transformation that the three linkage “has the practice of living resources in the auspicious light thermal economic transformation is a worldwide problem, the soul of the energy revolution is a low-carbon innovation of thermal power plant transfer warm both confirmed when heating the hot water temperature and innovators that the temperature of the vigor

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