No clue on the data analysis report?After reading Smartbi this introduction you will understand!

In the era of big data, data is becoming more and more important for enterprises.Data can reduce communication costs between employees, help enterprises standardize internal management, and improve scientific decision-making ability through data analysis and processing. Therefore, business data analysis reports run through all aspects of enterprise operation and management.What are the forms of data analysis reports?Data analysis reports are generally divided into routine work and comprehensive analysis.Class 1. The daily work report everyday work class usually is the daily show business data analysis, through the product data, understand the data causes, and then make specific analysis, some feasible Suggestions and measures, of course, the building of such reports need to conform to the data analysis business scenarios, need certain indicators as support,It is usually presented in the form of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports to help decision-makers grasp the latest data dynamics.2. Comprehensive analysis report comprehensive analysis class report aims to carry out specific analysis on the existing scene, the method of data mining technology, the application in practice, no fixed time periods, but will determine the direction of the great goal, has a certain targeted, such as electricity sales analysis, active data anomaly analysis and so on.Have you ever wondered why you didn’t have an idea for an analysis report?Think about it carefully, there are two reasons. One is that I do not know how to analyze “routines”, and the other is that data processing is complicated.The following xiaobi takes the One-stop big data analysis platform of Smartbi as an example to introduce the content composition of the analysis report and how to make it quickly.1. Background and Demand Analysis To produce an analysis report, first of all, users should think from the perspective of demand.Retail enterprises, for example, the operator for sales generated by a series of data, is because the data more variety, unity, integrity is poorer, lack of the multidimensional data analysis, data not response in time, and lead to operators of commodities area sales situation, the customer structure, sales status is not clear, the enterprise strategy formulation and resource allocation is unreasonable,The sales situation of each commodity is not clear and so on.The “App Store” section of Smartbi one-stop big data analysis platform provides free data visualization templates. The product sales analysis kanban helps users monitor changes in sales data in real time, so as to discover problems and adjust sales strategies in a timely manner.Provide data reference and support for enterprise strategy formulation, resource allocation, commodity production and marketing plan formulation.2. Data processing Data can be processed after data collection is completed. Data processing mainly includes four operations: data collection: collect and extract relevant data for analysis from data sources;Data cleaning: observe whether there are outliers and null values in the data. If there are, they can be removed or replaced with reasonable values. The commonly used replacement values are average, median and mode.Data calculation: through mathematical formulas and other existing data to calculate their own needs of other values, such as: daily average, total sales;Data transformation: Data is converted into classified data, namely discrete data, commonly known as “tagging” 3.Data analysis Data analysis is a key part of report production.The data performance of Excel has always been a headache for programmers. Usually, as long as there is a large amount of data in the table, the workload will be very tedious.Here we introduce a powerful tool – Smartbi

Excel fusion analysis is a self-service analysis product for Excel users. It combines the powerful capabilities of BI software with Excel’s own functions, making it simple and easy for users to use and effectively process data.4. The presentation of the report must be illustrated and clear, so that readers can quickly obtain effective information.Therefore, data visualization can be used to display the data, which can make the data more lively and help users intuitively and clearly understand the problem and draw conclusions, so as to generate thinking.

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