Peripheral blank limit price over 40,000 / ping!Shogunate Mountain!Why doesn’t the housing price rise in this community?

In September 2021, after 29 rounds of bidding, the G70 plot of Shogunfu Innovation Zone in Gulou District was won by Gezhouba with a total price of 3.16 billion yuan. The floor price was 24,140 yuan/flat, and the blank price reached 40,500 yuan/flat!As the first double-limit land in the region, the future height of the Shogunate Innovation Zone has been set!Surrounding owners boiling.But at the same time, the owner of another residential area just across the road from this plot could not sit still. In their opinion, the residential area has high-quality education resources + the blessing of mountain scenery resources of Shogunshan, but the housing price has not risen for two years. This residential area is Yungu Villa.Shogunate Mountain!Life supporting mature!Yungu Mountain Villa is the latest exploration of the Shogunate Innovation Zone, which is the last piece of reserve land available for large-scale development of the main city Drum Tower. After the re-integration and planning of the area, the Shogunate Innovation Zone came out of the sky, and the new Drum Tower jumped out of the paper.G70 block is the first block sold in gulou Shogunate Innovation Zone, and the blank limit price is over 40,000 / ping, with a very high starting point of the block.Yungu Villa is located on the north side of G70 plot, across from the East Shogunate Road, and the north side of the village is the Shogunate Mountain scenic spot, with beautiful natural environment.Now, the Shogunate innovation area suddenly born, yungu Villa this old community ushered in a new plate planning good.Yungu Villa area is very large, the area covers an area of 173,000 square meters, the total construction area of about 350,000 square meters, to build 37 small high-rise residential, are equipped with elevators.Yungu Villa residential area is dominated by low-cost commercial houses arranged by the government, supplemented by several commercial houses, and equipped with commercial areas, community centers, kindergartens and parking Spaces. The occupancy rate in the residential area is very high, and most of them are elderly people.1. The overall green rate of the community is very high, and the space between buildings is large. According to the data, the overall green rate of the Yungu Villa community has reached 46%.It is worth mentioning that the community is close to The Shogunshan Park, and the owners in the community often walk to the park to play.Small high-rise residential design, the overall height of the building is not high, coupled with a larger floor spacing, even in the low floor is more adequate sunshine.2, public leisure facilities are sufficient, many small squares throughout the community because the owners of Yungu Villa community are generally older, and most of them are retirees, so the property has opened up a number of public leisure and entertainment Spaces in the community, including fitness area, small square, chess area and so on.3. The surrounding facilities are sufficient and the life is convenient. Around Yungu Villa community, there are stores and supermarkets such as China Resources Suguo, Haoyoudo and Green Colorful Plaza, as well as high-quality education resources such as Rising Sun Jingcheng Primary School and 29 Middle Shofu Mountain Junior High School.Supermarkets, banks, vegetable markets, restaurants, schools and other basic living facilities are complete within 1 km.Under the advantages, yungu Villa housing price has not risen for two years, which is inseparable from the problems inside the community, or here has the “old broken small” common disease – parking difficult, difficult management, illegal construction phenomenon serious.1. The road surface of the community is full of private cars and the problem of non-motor vehicles is serious. Yungu Villa community has an underground parking lot, but due to the serious shortage of parking Spaces, the vacant areas on the road are basically marked with parking lines.As an owner of the overall age of the larger community, in the New Year’s Eve such a day of reunion, yungu Villa community gate unexpectedly due to excessive traffic congestion.In Yungu Villa community, the phenomenon of illegal construction is quite serious. The owners of the first floor often plant flowers and vegetables in their own circle or even directly build a shed.Second-hand housing listing price of about 33,000 / flat!Surrounding new plate price has exceeded 42,000 / even!Yungu Villa residential second-hand housing listing price of about 33,000 / ping, housing prices in gulou District is not high, but has not risen for two years, has always remained stable, behind the overall market in Nanjing property market.From the perspective of transaction, according to an APP, in the second half of 2021 residential second-hand housing transaction into unsold, into 2022, the residential heat has picked up, has clinched two sets of construction surface about 85.2 flat, 89 bungalows source, transaction unit price of 34,308 yuan/flat, 33,720 yuan/flat.According to the intermediary staff revealed that the turnover of Yungu Villa community has been relatively large, low price, full set, the overall cost performance is relatively high, but it is because it has some common problems in the old community, so the price of the community and the surrounding second new house compared to the advantage is not obvious, the increase is limited.With yungu Villa village all the way between the De Shui Xianglin community, the current second-hand housing price of about 42,000 / flat in the new house market, The Drum Yue LAN Park and Gezhouba G70 plot is relatively close to the two new plate.As the first residential land to be sold after the settlement of gulou Shogunate Innovation Zone, the blank price of G70 lot in the future reaches 40,500 yuan/ping. After crossing the 40,000 yuan/ping mark, the price may exceed 45,000 yuan/ping after adding the hardpack in the future.At present, Guyue LAN Park is selling a small number of high-rise houses with a floor area of 110-131㎡ and a small number of skydiving products of 172-242㎡. The average price of hardcover in the early stage is about 42,000 / square.In fact, there are many communities like Yungu Villa in Nanjing. When the plate takes off, I wanted to take the ride, but I did not expect to keep up with my own strength.In fact, the transformation of Yungu Villa community is also very simple, under the premise of high-quality resources + geographical location + community design, as long as the property on the dim sum a little planning integration, the owners fully support the property work, the community will have a great change.Just now, the central bank cut interest rates!Nanjing mortgage rates continue to fall!I took a picture of Nanjing, the centennial memory of the old street…A sudden!Provident fund loan conditions relax!2022, Nanjing housing vane to come!Home consultant a pair of hot plate:

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