At home, you can enjoy professional services such as assisted meals, assisted baths, and assisted doctors

Among the 63 pension institutions, 48 have reached the standard of star-rated pension institutions, and 22 community home community pension service centers and community home community pension service stations have fully provided professional services such as assisted meals, assisted baths and assisted medical services for the elderly. A coordinated pension service system of home, community and institution has gradually taken shape in the Northern district of Shibei.”No walls” nursing homes allow the elderly to enjoy professional and accurate care at home.Mention the changes in his life after signing a family pension bed, who lives in hefei Road street Lu Shen Jing old man with a smile.Lu Shenjing, 84, lives alone at home and has suffered a heart attack, which worries his daughter and son-in-law, who cannot be around for work.After learning that the community home care service center on the street opened, Lu Shenjing’s son-in-law came back to Qingdao from other places to sign a contract for the elderly home care bed.Every Monday to Saturday at noon, Hefei Road street Fushan Home community care Service Center will send someone to deliver meals to Lu Shenjing.In addition to having a healthy lunch that tastes good and has a variety of colors, Lu also makes regular visits for haircuts, cleaning and bath AIDS.”What’s more, if I need something temporarily, I can make an appointment through the smart home care service terminal installed in my home, which is not to mention convenient.”In Lu shenjing’s opinion, the home-based community care service allows the elderly to enjoy professional care at home, “which enables us elderly people who are reluctant to leave home to have a decent old age life.””Home care beds are equivalent to disintegrating the services provided in pension institutions, realizing personalized, customized and precise services according to the needs of the elderly to better meet the needs of pension services.”Qingdao Fushan Pension Group home community pension Liaoyuan Road street service center director Su Jian said.However, in the actual operation process, Su Jian found that the institution’s “personalized customization and accurate service” sometimes did not meet the needs of the elderly.”For example, to sign up for a home care bed, the original policy required choosing at least three services from more than 250, with a monthly consumption of more than 350 yuan, which made many elderly people with only one need reluctant to sign up.”In recent years, Shibei District has accelerated the development of the pension service industry. Seizing the opportunity that Qingdao was approved as the fourth batch of pilot cities for home-based community pension service, shibei district has carried out the pilot reform of home-based community pension service, forming a strong advantage of benign cycle development of the pension service industry.Up to now, there are 165 disabled and mentally handicapped elderly people in Shibei District who enjoy home care services purchased by the government, and they can enjoy 45 hours or 60 hours of home care every month.At the same time, the home care service features “Internet + pension”, and uses the home supervision platform to implement intelligent closed-loop supervision on the whole service.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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