Baggy tops make you look fat?Because you can’t wear it!Get the leggings right and you’ll be chic

Baggy top, what kind of pants are underneath?Leggings, of course!Wear a loose top on the upper body to cover the stomach and bottom, and wear tight pants on the lower half to show thin, and a good figure is easy to have!When it comes to the most daily basic collocation of autumn and winter, it must be sweater + leggings, a variety of versions can let them show a variety of combinations, fully meet the needs of all kinds of people.But also because of such, just make collocation appears too rotten main street is changed, although interior exists certain otherness, but also cannot successfully stand out in numerous collocation, because this wants to let modelling a few more distinctive, might as well try the combination of sweater and tight pants.Into the spring, opened the female star of street snap everyone all chose the knitting series, knitting cardigan sweater or, indeed also came into sweater season on outside now, don’t think that sweater this item can only be in the winter to keep warm, in the spring, it can completely replace the coat to wear out, you see the female stars of street snap on a sweater in a concave shape.Loose sweater with skinny jeans, casual chic yet stylish.2, loose hoodie + tight pants hoodie can be said to be a winter to wear the most single product, its fabric is more comfortable than sweater, do not love pilling, style is also more age-reducing relaxed, as an internal match, but also can be matched with all winter coats.Loose hoodie with tight pants, fashionable age reduction and fresh.When it comes to spring, the most versatile combination of items is a hoodie and leggings, making it easy to pick a simple and stylish look for your day.Simple color, simple pattern, not the same street style to wear, in the selection of the time, which style collocation is you like, as long as the choice of good trend color, street hipster easy with you show.3, loose shirt Jiang Shuying with a feminine striped shirt with black slim, two long legs is perfect, with metal flat shoes, so that the advantage of the leg line.Smart ponytail, cool sunglasses, a mature and beautiful elegant little sister has been online.Simple but not simple white shirt, is certainly a necessary item in the wardrobe of girls, whether young girl, or veteran royal sister, daily deployment because of the white shirt, and many surprises.Fashionable girl feeling of Yang Mi, this body look is also brief good copy, white shirt deployment black slim jeans, this big long legs look very admired.This is the flavor of the New Year ## Lose three jin during the festive season ## The most romantic thing I can think of #

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