Early comments | Overseas institutions to reduce hot track on A shares will have any impact?

Readers friends good morning ah, a-share market opened soon, overall fund small earn last week, but the current risk signal haven’t lifted, still should pay attention to, at least also have to wait 3 months after the federal reserve to raise interest rates to security, together wait, a-share market this way to the dragon, I came to see me analysis, but under your reference and in combination with its strategy operation will be OK,Let’s jump right into today’s morning review!Check out the weekend’s big news and ideas for the week ahead!On a new day, Tai Lung is here to say good morning to his 740,000 fans!In 2022, Dalong wishes all readers and their families a New Year and a new atmosphere.Money!| overnight on a conflict between Russia and Ukraine not period, the stock market is also difficult on Friday, three big stock index fell, as closed, the dow Jones industrial average fell 232.85 points, 34079.18 points, or 0.68%.The Nasdaq fell 168.65 points, or 1.23%, to 13,548.07.The S&P 500 fell 31.39 points, or 0.72%, to 4,348.87.Hot Chinese stocks were generally lower, with Zhihu down 12.22%, Pinduoduo and Bilibili down more than 6%, Baidu down more than 5%, Alibaba down more than 4% and JD.com down more than 3%.Large tech stocks ended slightly lower, with Google, Amazon down more than 1%, Microsoft, Apple down nearly 1% and Meta Platforms down 0.75%.Chip stocks were mixed, with AMD and Texas Instruments up more than 1%, Intel down more than 5%, and Nvidia and Micron Technology down more than 3%.New energy vehicle stocks fell collectively, with Tesla down more than 2%, Xiaopeng Motor and Ideal Motor down more than 3%, and NiO down 6.11%.Most anti-virus stocks ended the day lower, with Novavax Pharmaceuticals and Astrazeneca down nearly 2 percent and Pfizer down 0.76 percent.Important news | reading a popular circuit, reduction of overseas institutions, to be bestowed favor on newly exposed!At present, the latest holdings of large overseas active management fund companies have been disclosed, and the hot industry as a whole is mainly to reduce their holdings.Major institutions have the same operating logic in the field of science and technology and consumption, reducing their holdings of large science and technology and consumption, but they have added positions to some of the high quality Chinese general Interconnection targets that fell too far last year.In the new energy stocks, institutions differ on the holding position of Tesla, but some new forces have gained many institutions to open positions and fill the treatment.In addition, the epidemic concept as a whole appeared to reduce the operation, Buffett is reducing the majority of 2020 medical stocks added.News interpretation: these reduction of the news on the current A share market has no meaning, because the new energy medicine and other hot track in recent months have fallen more than 20%, low can be bearish is also slowly bottoming out characteristics, but in the short term these main plate is difficult to have an explosive surge, can only have A small rebound.Dong mingzhu: the starting point of working-class proposed raising taxes gree dong mingzhu said, now everyone is talking about weak consumer spending, but the problem is everyone no income, then how to go to consumption, can only say that encouraged him to consumption, will they have the confidence, first to the enterprise can guarantee income is stable, can’t speak because the stand or fall of enterprise suddenly didn’t on the first day, especially after 90 are 30 years old now,They also became adults, the child is only three years old, is likely to be in his work to support the family, so the proposal to promote the tax threshold to 10000 yuan, as for the national tax side to do, that higher taxes on the wealthy, highest tax is 45% in the past, can consider to 50% 55%, common prosperity for all become good news surface reading:The said this is entrepreneurs, but want to implement really resistance is very big, rich people are certainly don’t agree to go for raising taxes on the rich, support, sister three, citic securities: policy overweight to promote market diffusion Focus around the “two low” active layout high-quality blue-chip news reading: I would say, letter of citic words please raise your hand, do not believe citic thumb up, please!Brokers every day is bullish, every day is low, every day is bottom fishing, do not believe, the letter is set four, the CSRC about registration system, medium and long term funds into the market news reading:Dragon really want to be honest, what long-term funds into the market, what the registration system, just say more, but no action, and the impact on the a-share market is no more, you look good, don’t take it seriously | a-share market:In the short term, although the market is hot in the low, but there are still expectations of adjustment, risk or to pay attention to the current position of A shares, absolutely do not go to cut meat, has fallen so much, now run up later that is still the same regret, so Dalong will continue to keep low suction, waiting for the market to warm, waiting for meat.Not pessimistic also not blind optimism, this is the current market the best attitude, you definitely want to know, the stock market is going up for a long time constant, whether it’s a bear market or bull market, take live behind will have a profitable day, control good mentality is the most critical receives a article friend remember reply “received” in point of praise, let me know you, I will remember every one of us,Thank you very much for your support, everything is true and reliable, Dalong has an excessive small request, is to accompany you to earn 50 years!Also welcome everyone to exchange more about their own opinions, refueling together, learn from each other, feel good words praise an encouragement, feel still need to strengthen can comment criticism, Dalong will accept humbly, what to say what, speak freely!I wish you all a New Year of rising investment, make more money!If you have any questions you want to ask, or other questions you want to say, you can leave a message in the comment section below, and dalong will reply one by one after seeing it. This investment strategy is shared, and personal investment decisions made only based on my limited investment experience and public market information are not to be blindly followed.Investment is risky and entering the market should be cautious

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