Listen to the “Romance of China”…

Fourteen years ago, the summer in Beijing was magnificent, and China presented its culture to the world in a grand way.Fourteen years later, the snow and ice of the capital is romantic and subtle, a quiet whisper of Chinese power.14 years of stars and moon change, the same Beijing, is still the Olympic Games, but the Presence of Chinese civilization on this planet, more deep-rooted.I’m standing right here. You can’t see me!Chinese style “card point” poetic and explosive countdown link, this is to meet amazing foreshadowing, but become the first climax of the 4th night.In the Chinese lunar calendar, there are 24 solar terms in a year, and the 24 solar terms are transformed into a countdown that appears on the big screen one by one, culminating in the start of Spring.The opening day of the Winter Olympics coincides with the start of spring.The moment “Start of Spring” appears, the clock moves to 20:04.At 20:04 PM on February 4, we look forward to the opening of the 24th Winter Olympic Games by counting down the 24 solar terms.This is the Chinese style “card point” romantic ceremony sense, is a poetic painting, more like a trip to explode.Although it was still bitterly cold in Beijing on February 4, the freezing day was the start of spring, a symbol of new life born in the extreme cold.After the winter, the world’s attention is on Beijing.Spring has arrived, and China is welcoming guests from all over the world.As the most important birthplace of Chinese civilization, the Yellow River is called “Mother River” by the Chinese people. In China’s 5,000 years of history, it has given birth to countless Chinese sons and daughters.And the opening ceremony inherent rise of the five rings, once again let the world experience the great country that unique romance.”Don’t you see, the water of the Yellow River comes from heaven and flows into the sea and never returns.”A drop of ink fell over the National Stadium, and water from the Yellow River poured through the stage.If you think this is just to show the magnificence of the Yellow River, you are wrong, just like you can never guess the heart of a girl.As the water slowly condenses into ice, a giant icecube rises from the ground in the center of the site and becomes the focal point for the 24 lasers symbolizing the 24th Winter Olympics.As ice hockey players swing, the huge ice cube is gradually broken, crystal clear “ice and snow rings” break through the ice, slowly rising, every moment highlights the perfect combination of Chinese traditional culture and modern science and technology.At this moment, see how many people cry!The adults took the flag from the child and handed it to the soldier, who raised it and let the five-star flag fly in the air.The flag, so light, so heavy.It is home, it is duty, it is faith.People in the hands of the national flag, people in the hands of mountains and rivers.During the flag passing, a child trumpeter played “My Country and I.”Zhang yimou said that the child is changing teeth, unstable blowing, immature level, but it is such an imperfect performance, in the director’s team, is appropriate.Yes, there is no deliberate performance, the most straight to the heart!”The country is the people, and the people are the country.”This is the promise of the Chinese civilization. No matter the adults or children, no matter the dignitaries or lowly, among those who carry the national flag are representatives of all walks of life and people of national merit. They are also representatives of the 56 ethnic groups in the big family of the People’s Republic of China.The 176 delegates, all ordinary people, handed down the bright five-star red flag to the flag squad by hand and with hot hands, expressing the affection and relationship between the people and the national flag.At this moment, see how many people cry!It’s so moving because it’s a promise.We should always be careful, always Revere, always be meticulous in singing the national song, and always be uplifted and uplifted.You must always believe that you are one of them.If you believe, not only are you holding the flag, the flag is holding you.At the opening ceremony, such a picture is unforgettable.Looking up, a “bright moon” hangs over the “Bird’s Nest”.”Moonlight”, the ice and out of the five rings and condensed snowflakes glittering and translucent, holy.This is not the real moon, but this image shows the real phase of the moon on the night of February 4.Raise a glass to invite the moon, the end of the world altogether at this time.At this moment, China invites the world to enjoy the full moon.On this night, the Chinese people put their deepest trust in the world.At this moment, no matter the time difference, no matter the space, we from different countries, different regions and different nationalities gather together under the bright moonlight.Since ancient times, the moon has always been placed on a lot.She is the embodiment of reunion, beauty and ideal. She is the dream of The Chinese people.Tonight, the moon is standing there, recalling the eventful years of China in the past, inviting the world to witness the renewal of the vientiane of China.As the final torch merges with snow to form a cauldron, the camera pans across the stands and the audience’s faces look like “That’s it”.No one could have guessed that the ever-changing snowflake, which came into view shortly after the opening ceremony, would eventually be the star of the show.Some people may think it is a little simple at the moment of the formation of the main torch tower, but after thinking about it, they will realize that it is very imaginative and very “Chinese” style.Small snowflakes with the names of different countries flutter all over the screen, eventually converging to form a big snowflake.The torch stood in the middle of the snow, and the snow covered the fire, and the fire lit the snow.It was only a small flame, but it was jointly guarded by countries around the world. At this moment, the community with a shared future for mankind became a concrete manifestation.Everyone in this world can be the torch itself or the guardian of the faint light, including you and me.Small as the torch is, it carries much;A little fire is weak, but it can start a prairie fire.In 2008, China is looking forward to the arrival of the world and telling its 5,000-year history with great momentum.Seize the opportunity to promote The Chinese story with a gorgeous visual feast.In 2022, China stands here and invites you to join us.14 years of trials and hardships, those grand and waves;The world knows how big and tough it is.Now we live in a snow, a gust of wind has its own name on the land;Drinking water from the Yellow River “falling from the sky”;The moon shines bright;With high spirits, lift the five-star red flag;Pull together, guard the light waiting for the prairie fire……We are not in a hurry, we just need to speak, Chinese confidence and tolerance, embracing all rivers and rivers in the tradition and romance slowly spread to the world.(Source: Jinyun)

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