On the first day of the New Year, Liu Li, party secretary of Hefei High-tech Zone Court, visited the policemen of the hospital

On February 7th, the first day of work after the Spring Festival, Liu Li, party secretary of the People’s Court of Hefei High-tech Industrial Development Zone, led the party members of the court to visit all the police officers in various departments.On the second floor of the litigation service center, Liu Li talked with the case filing police, the specially invited mediator, outsourcing team staff and other staff, and extended New Year’s greetings to them.In the fourth floor of the executive command center, Liu Li visited the executive board, the bailiff brigade all officers, thank them in the past year for the implementation of the work of hard and efforts, hope to make new achievements in the New Year.In the seventh floor of the comprehensive department office, Liu Li and the audit management office, the comprehensive office and other departments of the police cordial conversation.She said that in the New Year, the court will strictly implement the system of its leaders taking the lead in handling cases, and the trial management office will play a “baton” role to promote greater progress in the quality and efficiency of trials.On the eighth floor of the business court office, Liu Li has talked with the criminal court, administrative court, civil court officers.She said that in the New Year, maintaining social stability, ensuring economic and social development, law enforcement and handling cases will face heavy tasks and pressure. She hoped that all of you will overcome difficulties and rise to the occasion.The police officers of hefei High-tech Zone are of high quality and strong ability. We believe that you will fulfill your mission and accomplish all tasks.In the pearl court, Liu Li sent New Year’s greetings to the police officers, and expressed sympathy for their hard work in the past year, hoping that the court police in the New Year, continue to maintain good working methods, pay close attention to improve the shortcomings, and achieve more excellent results.The first day after the holiday, the hospital leaders’ sympathy greatly encouraged the morale of the hospital police, police will continue solid work in the New Year, forge ahead, promote the quality and efficiency of the trial to a higher level.Author: Sun Xiaoyu | Typesetting: Shi Liting

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