Running away from watergate Bridge: A Spiritual reunion across time and space

As a firefighting and rescue “veteran” with 11 years of combat experience, Tu qifa has received many emergency police missions, and this is the first time he has received them in a movie theater.On the afternoon of February 7, the fire rescue brigade of Longshan County, Xiangxi prefecture, organized all the fire rescue personnel and their families to watch the movie “Changjin Lake Water Gate Bridge”.Thirty minutes into the movie, Tu Qifa, who was sitting at the end of the second row from last, watched his teammates running toward the door one after another.Longshan County fire rescue brigade.”Police call, go!”County Ann fire rescue station deputy webmaster Deng Cui notice police situation, deputy webmaster Xu Jiangrui heard.”At that time, after he received the alarm call from the duty room, he suddenly stood up and shouted a warning to us, while running to the door, we quickly set out, several members of the team in the way of running almost slipped.”Xu Jiangrui recalls.Members of the team lost no time, from the cinema on the third floor received the alarm, flew across the ticket gate, ran down the first floor, on the fire truck, 21 firefighters in less than one minute;It took less than three minutes to get into the car, put on fire gear, and arrive at the fire site, which is two kilometers away from the theater.After arriving at the scene, we reasonably divided the division of labor and performed their respective duties. After a few minutes, the fire was extinguished.Neat fire and rescue equipment.Emergency response, fire and rescue personnel daily list of “old friends.”No matter where you are or what you are doing, it is a military order to start a fire engine within 45 seconds during the day and one minute at night once you hear an alarm bell.”In the Lantern Festival of 2021, the brigade organized a dinner party. When everyone was preparing to have dinner, the alarm rang, and the teammates all put down their bowls and chopsticks and ran, starting the fire engine within 45 seconds, and headed for the destination of the fire.”Xu jiangrui said.The near-death experience of Watergate Bridge isn’t for everyone, but the career of a fire and rescue worker is fraught with danger.Firefighters were ready to go to war, but no one was sure what they would get into when they arrived.Longshan County fire rescue brigade in this group of soldiers with an average age of less than 25 years old, almost every member of the team has carried gas canisters out of the fire experience.Fire and rescue vehicles on standby.Mr. Tu often mentions a fire caused by a tanker truck leak in 2016.When fire and rescue workers arrived at the scene, black smoke billowed and the tanker threatened to explode at any time.”At the time, I was inexperienced in dealing with such fires and worried that the tanker could explode at any time, but my determination to put out the fire did not weaken.”After figuring out what was inside the tanker, fire and rescue workers chose to cover it with foam and ultimately won the “war,” Mr. Tu said.Some of the firefighters involved in the rescue on February 7.At the end of the interview, Tu talked about the “Telegraphic dialogue between me and The Seventh Company” released on the official weibo account of the film, a spiritual “meeting” between volunteers in 1950 and firefighters in 2022, which moved countless people.”A field of fire is a battlefield, and a fire is an enemy.Although we are in different places, different battlefields and different enemies, we have the same mission, and that is to protect people’s lives with all our might.”Tu Qi hair said.Click on the picture to view the details of the source | League Conclusion author | author Wu Yizhi Zhang Heng Yang Si Si special reporter Hu Yu Correspondent Tian Mei editor | Yang Shifang producer | Chen Hao wonderful content quick overview of a minute
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