Shaoxing Keqiao district rural housing replacement commercial housing problems

, according to a local netizens ke bridge in rural areas in a few years ago have been carried out before the reform of the whole city of pilot work of house-site in the countryside “curtilage change rooms” project, the rural become replacement of the old house, housing for the netizen consulting related departments, whether to continue to carry out this policy, and if so, which department should contact.Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau of Keqiao DistrictAfter investigation, to promote the rural housing land replacement, to encourage farmers into urban living, the development zone (formerly shaoxing county) issued “about accelerating rural homestead replacement to encourage farmers into urban living several opinions (try out)” (no. [2010] 47 county) files, on a trial basis to carry out the policies of “room to change rooms”, i.e., according to the existing rural housing land (house) or should be a new batch of housing land,Replacement of the town (street) farmers concentrated residential apartments.After the application due to a small number of farmers, town (street) farmers apartment can not support a variety of factors, the implementation has been suspended.In 2021, shaoxing was listed in the new round of land reform pilot area, the whole city of shaoxing country rural land system reform of the whole city pilot work leading group office issued “about the printing on the integration of house-site in the countryside, exit, and using the guidance of” notice (salt city house to do [2021] no.5) file,In principle, those who propose to explore voluntary withdrawal of legally acquired homestead or agree to withdraw due to integration need can obtain compensation through “exchange of house for money”, “exchange of house for house”, “exchange of house for house”, and “exchange of house for house”. At present, relevant standards and implementation rules have not been issued in our district, and they are still under study.

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