Be generous with compliments!Roger Federer congratulated Rafael Nadal on being proud to share this era with you

Roger FEDERER: I’m proud to share with you the era of the 2022 Australian Open. Nadal beat Dmitry Medvedev to win a record 21st Grand Slam singles title.Both Federer and Djokovic took to Instagram to congratulate Nadal after the match.”What a match,” Federer wrote on Instagram.To my friend and great opponent Rafael Nadal.I sincerely wish you the best of luck in becoming the first player to win 21 Grand Slam titles. A few months ago we were all laughing and laughing at ourselves all on crutches.So amazing, you never underestimate a great champion.Your incredible career, selfless dedication and unyielding fighting spirit have been an inspiration to me and countless others around you.I’m proud to share this era with you, and honored to be a part of pushing you to achieve more.As you have insisted for the past 18 years, there is much more to come, but enjoy the moment!There was a lot of good tennis at this year’s Australian Open and the final was very special, wrote Djokovic.Congratulations to Buddy for a great game in front of the home crowd and a great game with Collins.Congratulations to Rafael Nadal for his 21st Grand Slam title.Amazing achievement.His fighting spirit is always impressive and he has won again.Medvedev also gave his all on the court, with the passion and the final we expect to fight until the last moment.

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