It’s good to have you

In the boundless huge crowd to see you, is a lucky;It is a kind of happiness to meet you in the pouring rain.Thanks to that life encounter, let us walk together, towards light and warmth……I couldn’t help but sigh, “It’s good to have you!”Still remember that afternoon, the hot summer sun make people drowsy.I came to the school, sprawled on the desk, licking my dry lips.Water — yes, my kettle fell in the road after school in the morning, and you called to tell me you had found it.I look forward to your figure to come, let the water moisten my throat like fire, moisten my heart.A hand on my shoulder, I look back, see you smile like flowers: “fool!Here’s your kettle.”I took the bottle and drank eagerly — the sour, sweet and cool taste rippled in my mouth, diluting the heat and impetuosity of summer.”Is it lemonade?”Well, I made it for you by myself. Is it good?”Her smile like a rock candy, has a sweet taste.I also smiled: “delicious!”Friendship, it turns out, is the magic that can turn water into sour and sweet lemonade.The summer rain rang the bell.You say: “It’s raining, let’s go together — use my umbrella!”We held hands and walked out into the rain.The rain is not big, in a small umbrella dancing lightly, singing a cheerful ditty.Under the small umbrella, your hand and I held tightly, stepping out of the small splash on the path, saying the fun things happened in school.Summer rain, make laughter more cheerful, let two hearts close together.The sound of rain is small, your hand a tight, excitedly called: “look!”I looked in the direction you pointed — a rainbow loomed faintly in the sapphire sky, as if in a dream.We stopped, spellbound.I can feel your grip getting tighter.At this time, you looked at me and smiled, and I smiled back at you.I can see a rainbow in your eyes.The appearance of friendship, perhaps is that beautiful rainbow.The gorgeous rainbow, is your smile, is our friendship.Thank you for walking with me, your smile is deeply imprinted in my heart…Can not help but sigh: “you are good, friendship is good!”

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