Nicole: the net most miserable shoveling excrement officer, for raising a dog Mercedes for Wuling, fancy dog walking on CCTV news

There are many people who keep pets these days, but those who dare to keep huskies are warriors.Owning a husky is like owning a demolition crew.Sad and funny little sister Nicole, the poop poop master, was nearly crushed by her husky family.”In fact, I used to be a very gentle little sister, until I met the husky.” Nicole little sister’s two ha called Happy, but their dog old trouble, every time shout “happy” the name, Nicole will be in the heart “stab a knife.””Oh my God, I can’t have the dog!”I saw Nicole a hushi pig shouted, called that tore heart crack lung ah!Nicole’s sister’s short video of husky pig turned out to be that the dog was still rolling around in a piece of mud after the dog bit the water pipe in the scenic spot.It in the mud to liberate nature, nicole little sister hoarse voice can not stop it.That is to say, rolling in the mud this scene, the edge shepherd looked at it to white ah.Two ha open home two ha to play a good time, but Nicole’s white skirt is full of it flutters up splash of mud, gas little sister straight call: “which friends want a dog, I want to send this dog!”But everybody also see a joy oh, this dog who dare to want!Nicole was blown up by the dog gas, the whole Fuxi mountain are her cries, want to keep a dog’s net friend was her this only two ha to scare back.Husky netizens also said that “I can feel her despair across the screen” and “Husky can not only tear down homes, but also the future of the earth.”Nicole also did not expect that more than 20 million people came to see happy water pipes, she also gave everyone the scene “restore” the injustice of the day water pipes suffered.”Ha, ha, ha, ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!But there was more sympathy for Nicole, and some people said she was the Chinese version of “Saipan”, whose angry roar was so awesome.”I used to be a gentle little sister until I met the Huskies,” she said.Her video also let other raise two ha shovel excreshit officer to find resonance, they all say “start from husky, finally husky”, people and dogs always want to be crazy, now look at Nicole’s video, it seems that there are some reasonable explanation.”Really keep husky, keep keep home is not” Nicole little sister home of the two ha can be called the demolition team captain, because everywhere trouble, just put a gentle little sister, to force the Chinese “Saipan”.Nicole every day “crazy” and “not crazy” teetering on the edge, since raising erha, her living conditions have deteriorated.Nicole sister and hushi pig to ask how much money keep Hushi, so say with everyone, now open Wuling Nicole, but before Mercedes!I saw Nicole led two ha, to introduce the configuration and advantages of Wuling, also said that the light of the wuling in 2009, is “Syrian style, and the dog hushi pig is perfect match”.Nicole little sister in the video can be domineer, it is excited to detail the benefits of open Wuling, but the net friends from her words can not hear a happy.”I seriously doubt the Huskies built the house and were forced to sell cars to support it!””Keep a dog to Mercedes into wuling, villa into bungalow, Nicole little sister is really great!”Net friends are sad for Nicole, also said nicole “has been tolerant of husky pig, experienced a house for a car, is not for a dog”!Speaking of Nicole’s house, it’s a lot worse than her car.They say you can’t have your cake and eat it, and you want a family with a Husky?That’s impossible!Don’t say two ha bite slippers, bite dolls, gnawing cactus, the most terrible is, Nicole’s two ha moved from a young age to decorate the small mind, since childhood planning the dog head of the decoration.When just a few months old, this 2 ha began to tear open a floor, that but ceramic tile floor ah, with respect to this hide not to pass the ravage of its dog mouth.After growing up, two ha has been able to easily carry out raking wall skin, doors and Windows these projects.Nicole’s door also almost sacrificed in its dog mouth, was torn down devastated not to say, even the door lock let it was torn down, fortunately Nicole blocked in time to save the door.As a child, husky pig didn’t have a door lock, so Nicole had to use a data cord chewed by a dog to tie a knot through the lock hole and use it as a door handle.Then she couldn’t help but sigh: raising husky is really raising a home.Nicole from this short words, enough to see “raise ha people” sad.This is nothing, her two ha is not an ordinary dog, not so easily let go of this home.The big sofa in the home is the biggest “victim”, every day by two ha disaster disaster is not like, above all dog hair not to say, also became the dog’s exclusive runway.Nicole was so bullied that she couldn’t sit on a couch, so she bought a beanbag, only to see a little beanbag suffer too.Sit can not sit station can not stand, even the home used to have a meal of stainless steel table, also let two ha to open bent legs.He tore up all the furniture, there’s nothing left to tear down, so he’s talking to Nicole’s bed.Nicole broke down, as if she could only go home and yell at her every day.Netizens also expressed deep sympathy, and advised Nicole to replace the furniture with concrete?At least for a little longer.Can change furniture again how, see this only two ha, it has learned spirit attack, “two hundred and fifty” shout that call a word round!”After raising a dog for a long time, the responsibility of making money and supporting the family will be handed over to husky Pig.” Nicole, the worst poop manager, has never left her home since she raised a husky dog. She doesn’t have a complete furniture in her home, even let her make a bed to sleep on, and also prepared daily wake-up service for her owner.Alarm clocks barely play a role in Nicole’s house, where the wake-up service comes online at the stroke of one o ‘clock every morning.It’s not easy to put on clothes after getting up, either biting socks or shoes. Finally, I packed up and went out to take the dog for a walk, but the dog gave me away.After a walk, Nicole sat panting in her chair, exclaiming, “You can kill someone!”It seems that if you want to raise two ha, this physical strength must also keep up with it.For Nicole, every time she walks her dog, it’s like a robbery, but what can she do? She walks her dog on her knees!Well, you can’t let a dog take you every time you go out, so Nicole came up with a plan.She prepared a cart and a chicken leg, and then tied the chicken leg to the pole, using the principle of dog’s hunger, to stimulate his sled dog potential.The dog saw the chicken legs and could not eat, can only have been running after the chicken legs, and Nicole sat behind the car, experienced the happiness of a dog cart.Husky pull is more funny, Nicole in the experience of the dog pull car, there is a passer-by brother also want to experience a time, also generously gave Nicole one hundred dollars.Nicole was so happy that she said, “I never dreamed that this could make money. In the future, the responsibility of making money and supporting the family will be given to Husky pig. This method can not only consume the physical strength of husky pig, but also make money to support the family!”It’s definitely a great way to walk your dog. Nicole is trending again for her dog, and she’s also discovered the correct way to open a husky.The dog opened a house a trouble, she put the “dog pull car” to arrange, pull the perfect person can pull a express, it is too practical.Nicole therefore also boarded the CCTV news, hot after the network, she also took the dog to undertake the wedding list, so that the couple’s proposal process becomes more meaningful.It seems that although husky dogs, as long as the master of the right method, can also experience happiness when raising two ha.As Little Sister Nicole said, “Life advice is to get a husky, because you never know how much fun it can make you, no more emo, no emo!”Huang Qin: Is grandma a “tool person”?Because of the first Spring Festival gala popularity, 56 years old on the death of suo Baoli, what in the end experience?Night feng Xiaogang 8 hours, by Chen Hong ex-husband strong chuang sweet boudoir, Phoenix Satellite TV Shen Xing now how

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