No Man’s Sky already supports FSR and DLAA, and will continue to be updated with new content in the future

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has released its 19th major free update, Sentinel, which adds buddy robots, new enemies, a new weapon system, a new story, and more.No Man’s Sky doesn’t seem to have run its course yet, with creator Sean Murray saying there’s more to come.For PC gamers, the update also brings some benefits, such as the addition of support for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) technology.According to Hello Games, using AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 with 4K Resolution and high preset Settings, and enabling FidelityFX Super Resolution performance mode, increased the game’s FPS from 40FPS to 70FPS.It’s gone from staid to smooth running.For nvidia graphics card users, DLSS has been enabled since Prisms was updated six months ago, and version 2.3 is now supported.With this update, Hello Games has also introduced new DLAA technology for No Man’s Sky.DLAA (full name: “Deep Learning Anti-aliasing”) allows games to use AI technology at full resolution to provide better anti-aliasing effects and improve graphics quality.Unlike DLSS technology, DLAA technology will focus more on quality than performance.In addition, no Man’s Sky has been updated with native support for Steam Deck consoles.Hello Games didn’t go into too much detail, except to confirm that it has made some adaptations to the Steam Deck console, such as the ability to use the touchscreen for input.The Steam Deck console will be available on February 25th for those who wish to check it out.

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