The people’s police of the National Immigration Administration wear badges on their uniforms

From April 2, the people’s police, the National Immigration Administration, will wear badges on their duty uniforms.According to the relevant person in charge of the National Immigration Administration, the National Immigration Administration people’s police in accordance with the “public security organ people’s police internal affairs Regulations” standard dress, wear police rank police number and other police signs, according to the immigration management law enforcement duty needs, in the duty clothing with Chinese immigration management logo chest badge and national flag armbands.The Chinese immigration management badge is located directly above the police number, the national flag armband is located on the left arm of the duty uniform, and the public security armband is located on the right arm of the duty uniform.The people’s police of the national immigration management agency wear logo on duty clothing, which is conducive to timely and accurate identification of Chinese and foreign personnel, consciously obey and cooperate with law enforcement, convenient for help services, which is conducive to the people’s police of immigration management take the initiative to accept the supervision of the masses of the people, constantly enhance the sense of professional honor, and better perform the duties and tasks entrusted by the law.From now on, the first batch of policemen at xizang and Beijing exit and entry Border Defense Stations wear uniforms with the chest badge of Chinese immigration management symbol and the armband of the National flag.It is understood that duty clothing includes duty clothing, training clothing and multi-functional clothing.(ly Source: National Immigration Administration)

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