These 4 kinds of deceptive and pit money, pseudo health, pseudo health food, are you still eating?Don’t eat the

Ms. Li suffered from diabetes for more than a year, the blood sugar has not been well controlled, the children and doctors worried about this, changed different drugs, but the effect has not been ideal, in order to control blood sugar, the doctor can only tell Ms. Li to take insulin, blood sugar gradually stabilized.However, when rechecking, the blood sugar was still very high, the doctor was very depressed, and asked Ms. Li whether she had regular diet and whether she had taken food according to the doctor’s advice. Ms. Li said that she had regular diet and strictly followed the doctor’s advice to take food that raised blood sugar, so she did not dare to eat more!At this time, Ms. Li’s daughter could not help but interrupt, saying that her mother bought a lot of sugar-free food, secretly eat at home, this has an impact on blood sugar?Ms. Li said, sugar-free food, how can have an impact on blood sugar?Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand!The doctor listened to, can not help help forehead, no wonder blood sugar has been bad, the original is the so-called sugar-free food caused!The doctor explained: “sugar-free food does not really contain sugar, it means that it does not add sucrose, but may add substitute sugar or maltose, corn syrup, these additives, after entering the body, after digestion, metabolism will also be decomposed into glucose, for the control of blood sugar will have a certain negative impact!”After hearing these, Ms. Li said that she would strictly follow the doctor’s advice to eat, and would no longer eat so-called sugar-free food randomly!In fact, there are a lot of similar sugar-free food in life, pseudo health, pseudo health food, these food, after the publicity of the business, many people mistakenly think that eating these, can keep in good health, is conducive to health.In fact, it is not true. Some fake health and health food can not achieve any health care effect, but will damage our body.Today, let’s reveal the true nature of these foods, and believe that some of the foods many of us should have eaten!01 “not pure” cereal is good for health, because pure cereal is oatmeal after pressing, it is not only rich in amino acids, vitamins, dietary fiber, but also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, often eat conducive to blood sugar control, reduce blood lipids and cholesterol, help digestion and so on.However, a lot of cereals on the current market are actually not pure cereals, but mixed with a variety of cereals. In order to maintain the flavor of oats, some businesses will also add creamer, maltodextrin and so on.Therefore, these “impure” cereal, not only the nutritional value becomes low, eat more may also lead to blood sugar, blood fat rise, is not conducive to health!Walking along the street, you will surely come across many restaurants labeled with old fire soup. It is not that these soups are not good to drink, but that these soups are not suitable for people who are losing weight, patients with gout, and people with high blood fat and cholesterol.This is because old fire soup cooking time is very long!The content of fat and purine in the soup is very high, especially the purine content, will increase sharply with the extension of the stew time!Therefore, regular drinking may lead to obesity, but also may cause gout.Therefore, in life, the number of old fire soup should not be too frequent!Many people in order to lose weight, do not eat breakfast or dinner, but to drink fresh juice or vegetable juice, that is not only the intake of fewer calories, but also supplement vitamins, help to lose weight, conducive to health!No, direct juicing of fresh fruits and vegetables may lead to the separation of dietary fiber, oxidation of vitamins, and release of fructose.If you buy your fruit juice or vegetable juice from outside and it’s not very fresh, there’s a big health risk!Even if it is their own freshly squeezed fruit juice or vegetable juice, due to the release of fructose and loss of nutritional elements such as vitamins and dietary fiber, resulting in high sugar content in fruit juice and vegetable juice, often drinking, will lead to elevated blood sugar, light cause obesity, serious induce disease.It’s better to eat three meals a day!I don’t know when whole wheat bread began, whole wheat bread began to be loved by dieters and health people, they believe that whole wheat bread is not only low in calories, but also rich in dietary fiber and other nutrients, eat regularly, not only can protect the body function, but also help to lose weight.In fact, the whole wheat bread made with the whole wheat flour that retained the germ structure and bran can be preserved with the structure of coarse dietary fiber. Therefore, eating whole wheat bread often contributes to the metabolism of fat. For the person who wants to reduce weight or fall fat, there is certain effect indeed!However, many of the wholemeal breads on the market are modified and not real wholemeal breads!Because, real whole wheat bread, taste bad, impact sales!Therefore, in order to increase sales, many businesses will add various additives, pigments, syrups, etc., to improve the taste, increase color, fragrance, taste, and improve sales!Therefore, comprehensive bread lost its original role, want to rely on eating comprehensive bread, to help reduce weight and fat of the crowd, most will be disappointed, and because of the addition of a lot of syrup and additives, but become not conducive to weight loss, not conducive to health!In short, there are a lot of so-called health, health food in life, and there is no business propaganda, we imagine so good, so healthy!If you eat too much, your health may get worse and worse.Advise everyone, before eating some so-called health food, check it out first, or fall into a pit, lose money, hurt the body!

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